This is a shout out to all those deserving “fathers” wherever they may be. This is a time where we are  acknowledging fathers on their special day, as they are our heroes. We are doing this because the true meaning of being a good father is a person who has an outstanding track record for doing what is correct for their families not just one day of the year, but on an everyday basis.

The outstanding fathers don’t show up during the good times and disappear in the bad times which unfortunately some fathers are known for doing  These individuals take their roles seriously and do the best that they can to make things better for their families and that’s why they are loved.

As a tribute to all those good fathers out there, I would like to commend those of you who have done such an outstanding job in handling your responsibilities.  The last several years have been rough for many of us but you have still manage to do the “right thing” for your love ones.  I’m referring to all those great fathers who have provided leadership to their families and the support that was needed to help keep their families intact and we are proud of them.  These wonderful men, (also for the women who are the head of their household) who have performed a superb job and we love them for what they have accomplished in keeping the family together.

We also all know the proverbial negative story about how so many fathers in today’s environment are absent from the family, in one way or another. This problem is more prevalent for the families  from the inner cities communities as their fathers have been a no-show for so long, that their children don’t know who they are.  It’s ashamed that this negative trend is still happening but it’s up to the good fathers to change this pattern and I believe that they will.

The general public often speaks negatively about how this father didn’t do this, or that they failed to show up again and again. We just keep pouring it on for those fathers who just don’t get it done. We  have a tendency to remember the bad experiences more vividly than their good times when it comes to having a loving relationship with their  fathers.  So fathers, the new and the old ones,  we need to keep this in mind when dealing with our families.

And for the fathers who are deadbeats, you know who you are, as they have deserted their families in one way or another, you rightfully deserve this negative reputation.  When you don’t have a record of demonstrating a  “body of work” to talk about, you should be blamed.  These kinds of  no show fathers  don’t have anyone to defend them because they haven’t done anything for their families to be proud of for.  These type of fathers should carry the shame and embarrassment as don’t have the “body of work” that fathers supposed to have.

Now I want to focus more on those fathers who stood tall and didn’t turn their backs. These fathers didn’t run away when things got hot in the kitchen of their homes.  These fathers protected their families by providing financial security and all of the other components of stability for the family. They served as excellent role models for their families and this helped set the family on the right track.

Additionally, there are those other special fathers who love and raise those children who are not their biological children but they do so without you knowing so.  These fathers are fantastic because they do a wonderful job in raising these children as their own and they do it without complaining. I don’t know about you, but these are the attributes of what the ” real fathers ” are like in my book.

There is another good thing about these fathers, these hard-working fathers don’t go out and stand on the corner of their communities and tell everyone  “see what I have done”.  These fantastic fathers just do the work and keep it going. These exemplary fathers, keep their mouths shut and let their work and deeds speak for them. In doing so, they are not looking for some special award but some appreciation every now and then, as they deserve it,  in my opinion.

Now  for those families that don’t have a father but have those super mothers who are standing in for the missing fathers.  You deserve a special recognition because without  your help and support the families would fall apart.  I’m sure that you wished that things were different and you didn’t have this responsibility of trying to be both parents, but you did so. I’m personally thanking you for hanging in there and being a terrific role model for your family.  I have spoken to a lot of people on this point and they all agree that when the children from these single parent homes grow up, they will never forget the love and tenderness that you have shown them. And many of them will grow up to do the same to their families when they have one, and that is to show the same level of love and affection.

For those families that have this situation, where the “mother” is doing both, tell her how much you love and appreciate her as often as you can. You should do so because walking in the shoes of being both parents is very hard and often goes unappreciated. The mothers who do so deserves a special level of appreciation and if you are reading this article, I wish you much love.

In closing, there will be a lot of stories written about fathers during this period where we are celebrating fathers,  some will be happy and some will be sad. The relationship that you have with your father is like nothing else and I’m telling you to appreciate it while you can. However, in being a father myself, as I look into the eyes of my children, and my grandchildren they love me for being there for them all the time and not just on special holidays. In the end, when they grow up, I’m expecting them to realize that fathers will be judged not by what we buy them, or for how many times we spoil them, but our “total body of work”, which should be the goal of all good fathers.

Happy father’s day to you “Good Fathers”, as your total body of work is what counts the most.