Everyone I know confirms that their lives are too complicated in some form or another. They would like to have some simplicity in their lives sooner than later. If they did, this would enable them to stop being under so much pressure and start living their lives with some enjoyment.

If by chance you feel the same and would like to start on those issues that would lessen the burdens in your life, try using the “cutting your inventory” approach, as it can help you.

In using the cutting your inventory analysis, you have to first take time to count how many of whatever you have now. For example, how many shoes do you have, how many sweaters, how many cars, how many suits, how many wigs, how many pocketbooks, how many coats, and don’t forget how many bills that you have and I believe you get the point.

Most of us don’t really know what we have in our inventory. We just keep piling on one on top of another. I know about the process because I’m guilty of the same. After a while you will have so much “STUFF’ you don’t know where to put them. Many of us have 75 pairs of pants, 85 shirts, 50 ties, and 60 pairs of shoes, do you really need all of this “stuff” at this stage of your life?

As you get older, you will discover that all these things that we have worked so hard to accumulate, many of these things will no longer have the same value. As a result, why not use your time ( a priceless commodity ) and resources towards something that you can enjoy today.

For example, I have entirely too many sneakers and shoes, so I empty out my closet and made room for my grandchildren’s sneakers. Their shoes are smaller and take up less room.  Since I did this, I feel better now that my useless inventory of shoes are gone as I can only wear one pair at a time anyway.

I have also donated many of my old shirts, pants, ties, and a number of suits to the salvation army. I have not worn these garments for years. I’m ashamed to say that I should have done this a long time ago. Plus, I have to be realistic in that I’m never going to be that small again, to wear them with the same flair.  We often thank that we will one day get back into these garments, but those days are gone.

You can also take an inventory of your bills and start getting rid of them one at a time. Setting a time frame to get rid of your bills have worked well for me and you can do this also. You can take the small bills first to clean up or the largest bill and work it down accordingly. Whatever strategy you begin with just make sure that they get smaller every day.

As your inventory of “STUFF” that makes your life more complicated goes down, you will feel immeasurably better because it did for me. Carrying this heavy load over the years can wear you down and you don’t realize it.

This approach can also be used to shed those people around you who have been shaky friends. These individuals are always having problems and they bring you down with them. You know who they are, so I’ll stay away from calling them out. But, these types of people make your life more complicated than it should and when we shut them out we move forward.

So go ahead, start working on easing the tensions in your life by using this approach. I know that you can do this because there are lots of us who are doing the same at this stage of our lives. In choosing to work on uncomplicating your life, it’s going to provide more relief than you think.