I must state upfront that I try to stay away from commenting on political issues as much as I can. I do so because it is a personal opinion process and everyone is entitled to their own whether you like it or not. As a result, at the end of the day, you can’t win nor can you lose whenever you are discussing a personal viewpoint, so if you don’t mind, let me share this with you.

Since this is such a highly contested and bitter subject that has everyone up in arms,  I thought that I may add some pointers to help you see the big picture on what may be in store for us.

First of all, I can easily see why there is such an outpouring of people complaining  about the election as this is the second time in history where the populace vote candidate, Hillary Clinton, didn’t win the election, ( Al Gore in 2002).

Plus, most people don’t understand the electoral process which is how the president is chosen because it is complicated to most people.  There needs to be more information published to clarify how this process works as it is very confusing to the average person.

If you are shocked about what has happened in the presidential election, you are not the only one. It feels like the results are not what a large majority of the people who thought that they had this election “in the bag” had expected and that included myself.

The highly paid polling experts who received millions of dollars predicted that the election would be a no-brainer for the Democrats, and we all know now that their data was totally wrong.

However, it’s too late to do anything about it at this point. The results show that when you leave it up to others to do what you have to do yourselves, (electing not to vote)  you will get this result. This is a very painful lesson to the people who wanted to see Hilary Clinton win the election and it’s very gratifying to those who voted for Donald Trump.

This will serve as a reminder that you can’t take things for granted in politics as I’m sure that many of the devoted Democrats learned from this election. Many went to bed thinking that the final results would be one way and woke up and was totally surprised by the outcome.

As I hear so many people giving their opinions, one way or another, on what went wrong,  most people want to know where do we go from here?

Going forward there will be some major changes that will have an impact on all us of and we have to be ready.  This is always the case when there is a seat change in political power in Washington.

In regards to your finance, it’s projected that the interest rates will rise sooner than later. I’m saying this because it’s one was of the top issues that the came up during the primary election process.  This will hurt those who have not refinanced their higher debt or were not able to buy a home during this four-year period when the rates were at record lows. I tried to warn you in my previous articles that this would happen and now it’s here.

Additionally, the vast amount of women who was in favor of pro-life regarding abortion will also be in trouble. This is going to be a nasty political fight on all fronts as this is a topic that the progressive people will fight until the end to defend.

The millions of people who are immigrants will also have to start looking over their shoulders as there will be new policies coming down the road to have an impact on them. The “wall” to prevent immigrants from coming to America will be scrutinized more than ever.

If you are a minority, you have to be concerned as well because some of the social  entitlements  benefits that they took for granted will be changed. Some features like health insurance for people who don’t have jobs, those who have elderly parents who can’t afford the high insurance premiums and a few other important benefits. If you go to the Republican Party website, they will indicate the issues that they intend to change once they take over. It’s a frightening thought, but it’s something we have to deal with.

This may seem like a doomsday article to some but it’s not. I see it at a time where people will have to stop depending on others to help them and work more on developing things to help themselves.

If you have one job, maybe you have to get an additional job to make things better. Believing that salaries will jump under the new administration from Washington, don’t count on it.

If you have a credit card, keep up the regular payments because if you lose your good credit ratings you may not be able to get another card as easily as in the past.

You have to stop buying things that you know that you can’t afford. You can no longer expect others to come to your aide like before, as everyone will be in a tight spot going forward.

Since there will be less money allocated to assist families towards attending to college, more students will have to attend to junior college or smaller universities that are less expensive.

In regards to a growth in new jobs, which was a point of great contention in the election, I don’t know how they plan to bring back the jobs from overseas, as it’s a more complicated process that you think. However, if they could get this done it will be good for everyone. So we all have to wait and see as the  new administration tries to address this high priority issue.

In other words, the future will mandate that we be creative in finding solutions to help dig ourselves and our families out of trouble. ( financially and non-financially ). We all have to be vigilant in how we live our lives as what we did before won’t work . We all have to work together more than ever, so if you do your part, collectively we will get through this.