Once you become a parent you are required to leave some tips for your children to follow and that is called leaving “breadcrumbs”. I was once told this by my mother when I was very young that I need to leave some breadcrumbs to my children as well,  but this didn’t hit me profoundly until I grew up and became a parent myself.

There are many things that we are told by people who care about us that we need to follow their advice but we just don’t do so.  I know because I was guilty of not doing so myself. I can’t explain why I didn’t think of these things when I was younger as the breadcrumbs my parent left me was clear.

However, when you are young we often think that we have all the answers and it’s hard to listen when you have that mindset. Many of us block out the words of wisdom that is passed down to us which would help us get through our hurdles of life. We do so because things have changed so much since our parents were at our age that what they are telling us is considered outdated.

However, this is a big mistake in thinking that their breadcrumbs don’t matter because they do.

If you look closer at your lives today and be honest with yourselves, you will see the breadcrumbs that your parents left was there all alone waiting for you.  Either you didn’t listen to what their advice was concerning your breadcrumbs,  which most children don’t do, you know now that if you would have done so many of your painful consequences could have been avoided.

I recall in my old neighborhood the parents would tell my friends and me not to follow this person or not to follow another person. Obviously, they saw something in these individuals that we didn’t see and we should have followed their breadcrumbs but we didn’t do so. Later on, some of these fellows were caught stealing and ended up in jail and I’m glad that I stayed away from following them.

On recalling another incident, in going to school in my youth I didn’t take that process as serious as I should.  I was warned that it would catch up with me sooner or later and it did. Later on, when I wanted to attend college my grades were sub-par and as a result, I was not accepted in the larger schools. I had to go to a smaller college first to get my grades up before I could attend to the larger university. In doing so, it took me several years later to graduate. In looking back, there were plenty of breadcrumbs that were laid out for me but I was hardheaded and refused to follow them.

In another example, I was told by my high school advisors not to go college to become a social worker, which was my first choice but to study finance. It would be harder for me as finance material was tougher subject to grasp but it would pay off down the road. I was told this because there were already too many people going into the field of social work as it was overcrowded. When you choose a field to study you have to also think about the future of getting a good job when you graduate. In following the breadcrumbs of that advice I took finance classes and when I graduated I was able to find a job quicker than my friends that took the social science classes.

Well, that is enough about me what about you?  Are you following the breadcrumbs that were left for you? Or, if you are older, are you leaving enough of bread crumbs for your children to follow?  And if you don’t have children yet, are you putting in motion the breadcrumbs for the people who you love?

On the bread crumbs about money, are you saving your money and not spending every penny that you are getting your hands on like so many others are doing?  Are you making sure that your financial needs are taken care of before you go buying that expensive wardrobe? Are you learning how to invest while you are young and not waiting until you have children and other obligations?  Are you investing in mutual funds or into Financial ETF’s instead of leaving your money in the bank? It’s not easy following all these breadcrumbs as some are harder than others, but they are all necessary.

I’m presenting these questions to you today because so many people are giving excuses why they didn’t make it to their milestones and it all comes down to they didn’t follow the bread crumbs. We can easily blame others for our disappointments and many of us do. However, there are plenty of people who are doing very good and we all know some of them. If you look in the background of these successful individuals, you will discover that they did follow the breadcrumbs over those who didn’t.

On this topic, I can give so many other examples and I’m sure that you can add several more yourselves, but I believe that you get the point. The breadcrumbs which are out there for all of us to follow are important principles of how best to live our lives. It’s our responsibility to learn which ones to follow and which ones to ignore.

I sincerely hope that this article helps you to understand this very important message about life. Your job is to follow the breadcrumbs that will help you in life and not to hurt you. I followed the wrong breadcrumbs for a while and it cost me. Thank God I was able to get my act together before it was too late. In starting to follow the right breadcrumbs it changed my life for the better and the same can happen to you.

Additionally,  you have to also remember that one day you will have to lead some breadcrumbs yourselves to the people coming behind you, what will be your bread crumbs to your children?