If you are over 40 years old, you have probably heard of that famous adage that “a good laugh is good for your soul”.  The old school people would say this because once you start laughing, it’s very hard to stop. In short, laughter brings fun and enjoyment and that is good for you in more ways than we realize.

Laughter also provides a psychological boost in our mind, which eases the pressure that many of us are under. According to behavior specialist, it’s a fact that there is data that supports that having a good laugh, can make you feel better. Also, what’s extraordinary about laughter is that it can create a form of relief to your body, even if there are other less pleasant things, going on in your life.

Whenever you are in an environment where you can laugh your butt off, which I enjoy participating in as much as possible, you are in a good place. I have discovered that laughing can also cause an emotional uplift and that is absolutely important when other things in life are not working for you.

I know about this process because It has worked for me.  If you know my background from reading the other articles, it was filled with all sorts of problems. Sometimes I wanted to cry but I decided to laugh instead and it made things better.

Now, let’s start thinking about your own laughter situation. Are you tired and frustrated of hearing all this depressing news that is in the press today? Or what about the phone calls that you receive from others advising you of nothing but bad news. Don’t all this bad news bring you down and make you feel depressed about life?  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all this negative news myself.

You can’t turn on the news on TV, log onto your computer, or check the news on your smartphone and not see bad news.  For example, there is the government crisis in Washington, the European Union falling apart from the Brexit crisis, Russian problems with our voting process,  and you can name the others as you get the point.

We know from years of study that bad news sells more advertising and people are really moved by hearing the negative news.  It’s a shame that bad news is preferred over the good press, and that is why we have to include laughter in our lives to balance this out.

Now, what about you, do you remember the last time that you had a great laugh? I’m talking about having a laugh that was so hard that you couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing. And that moment of laughter was so funny, that it still brings a smile to you when you think about it.

And if that special moment for you comes up a few weeks ago, or a couple of months ago, take time to embrace it.   If your moment of laughter was so long ago that, you can’t recall the event, your situation is even worse off than you think.  Hence, I strongly suggest that you do something about it before you go over the deep end and I don’t want that to happen to you.

One of the things that make me laugh was to look through my old pictures, my old videos, and anything that brought me back to my younger days. In looking over these old files, I saw that I had much more hair, I was thinner, my platform shoes looked great then, but are awful today. There was also my bell bottom pants and the wide lapel shirts from my 70’s clothing, and my silk flowered shirts.  My plaid pants were cool then, but I would get arrested today for indecent exposure. There was also the pink and purple hot pants that the girls were wearing then, it seems so funny by today’s standards. And the “Pinto” and the “Beetle Bug” small cars were so popular then, but would be considered an unsafe vehicle, by today’s health attorneys.

I discovered that the process of reviewing my old school days pictures and videos made me laugh so much and it turned out to be a blast of fun.

Guess what my friend, each of you need to have more laughter in your lives.  I don’t know what it would take for you to realize a good laughter, but you should look to find whatever that situation may be. If it’s going out to a comedy club, or go to a comical play, you should do it. If you have to pull out some of your old outfits from the past or look over your old pictures like I did, go ahead and do that. If you want to have a party, to invite your old friends to go over those moments with you, just do it. In others words, put some time into trying to find that source that would create a laughing moment, as you will enjoy that you did so.

Before I close, If you don’t mind, I would like to share a very funny moment that made me laugh some years ago to illustrate my point.

I recall from my younger days, that I got the nerve to ask one of the prettiest girls in the neighborhood for a date. And to my surprise, and many of my friends, she said yes. I was so excited that I took the money that I had saved up and bought a fancy suit from a bargain store. I looked really good in the outfit, and you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t “cool”.

On that weekend, when I picked up my date to go to the movie it started to rain. This was those years before I owned a car. To be a gentlemen, I took off my new suit coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. She started to grin at my act of gentlemen kindness and I felt so good about her smile.

But as it started to rain harder, the sleeves of my new suit and pants began to shrink so badly that my outfit looked like it belonged, to a smaller child.  As a result, we had to duck into a restaurant, to get out of the rain. In seeing how small my suit had shrunken in size, my date took off my coat and gave it back to me and said that I needed it more than she did. She also suggested that I take my suit home and give it to my younger brother, as it would fit them better than me.

I was totally embarrassed, that my new suit had shrunken while I was out on my “hot date”. I asked myself, why did this have to happen to me while I was out with her? This experience wasn’t funny at that time, but it is in talking about it today. Plus, she never went out with me again.  However, that same girl went on to have six children and was married three times, so I was lucky to get away.

I also ran into that same girl several years later, and we talked about that unforgettable date. We both laughed so much, as it was so funny remembering that date of pain and sorrow. Additionally, she had me laughing even more about my “cheap suit” because she stated that her brother had bought the same suit from “John’s Bargain Store”, and it did the same to him.

We all have had some special moments of laughter, whether they were crazy like mine or not, but I’m sure that you have your own stories. The point is, we need to think more of the situations where we got to laugh, as laughter can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment. People who are too serious about life, and do not want to have a good time, I feel sorry for them. They are missing out on enjoying some of the pleasures of life, and that is no good for you. I hope that in reading this article, it helps to remind you that we need more laughter in our lives, and you will look more for those moments to lift you up.