First of all, I know that this is a very delicate issue so please don’t get bent out of shape in reading this article as it’s meant to help you, not hurt you. Too many of us are waiting to do something that we had wanted to do for some time, but have not done so and it’s a problem that we need to overcome.

The common answer that most people give is that they don’t have enough of time. However, we seem to find time to do other things so why can’t we find the time to do these things that are important to us.

However, once you start thinking about “time” and how much that we waste on doing things for others besides ourselves, it can get many of us upset. This bothers us so much because we didn’t make ourselves a top priority like others have done. 

We all have a list of things that we plan on doing at some point down the road and if we had our wish, we would do them today. However, the issues that keep blocking us from doing these things are the challenges that we have to get over. 

The point is, learning how to deal with the subject of stop pushing things off to another day is a bigger problem than we want to admit. We tell ourselves it’s our children, it’s our spouse, or it’s our relatives. However, if we look closer, many times it’s nothing but excuses.

When we were young, “time” was something that we believed we had a lot of.  As a result, we never thought about it.  No one talked about “time” as an asset that would one day run out.

However, as you start to get older, “time” moves at a faster pace than most of us expect. As such, many people wake up one day, look around and discover that they are in the same space and doing the same things for years, which gets them angry.

This happens because many of the things that we put off to do at another time don’t get done. After a while, if they are not done they fall off the list. I know this for myself, as I have a list of things that I have promised that I would get done by now, and some of them are still not done.

The issue of “time” is a part of life that we wish we had some control over, but the truth is, we don’t. Thus, each individual must learn how to capitalize on their “time” if they want to get the best results. We have to stop allowing other people to discourage us from pursuing the things that we want, as that is one of the key reasons why things are don’t get done.  

I wrote this article to encourage people to stop looking for the perfect situation before they decide to move. At this stage of your life, if you still have relatively good health and a good network of people around you, in my opinion, you are already ahead of the game. You have to step out and trust the path you are taking.

I hope that this article serves as a wake-up call for you to stop procrastinating and doubting yourselves. In getting ready to move, you will discover like I did that the longer it takes for you to move, the stronger the possibility fear may come back and prevent you from moving forward.     

I know there are some who will be very angry when reading this article because it may remind them of their own shortcoming for not moving earlier. However, I’m not throwing anyone under the bus for not pursuing their goals as you still have time. Sometimes you may have to plunge in and believe. This takes some guts to do so, but others have done it and I believe that you can too. 

I was once in that same position myself, so I know that feeling of your stomach turning when you choose to do something new. After you have arrived at your destination, you will realize that you should have moved earlier because that’s how I felt when I broke through my fear of moving forward.  

I personally believe that this is a bridge that we will all have to cross one day. We are not sure whether to go now or go later. We’re all getting older each day, as that is a part of life that we can’t escape. But, we still can go out and do what’s in our heart, and when we do, we will be proud of ourselves.  We must do this before something like illness or aging prevents us from doing so.

I have learned much from those older than myself on this topic and that is your money situation may improve, your health may get better, your relationship with your family and spouse may improve or not, but what won’t change, is “time” itself.  You can’t get time back no matter how important are or wealthy you are. 

I have been to more funerals than I can count and visited so many people in the hospitals.  I have received many calls from friends and co-workers telling me that they have an illness that will now restrict their mobility and the list goes on and on.  As life is unpredictable, you may or may not experience the same issues.  So, don’t wait for tomorrow, do whatever you have planned now. 

In closing, this point isn’t something new and profound that we are unaware of. However, it’s a topic that we need to look at closer than we do today. I’m suggesting that you make a list of three things that are truly important to you. Set out a plan to have them done by a specific time and when that is done move on to the next item. We should follow this plan now because we may not always have the energy or the drive to do so later.  As you get older, I’m telling you from experience, that things will get tougher not easier as the window of opportunity starts to close. So if you have the will to do that special request of yours, do it today.  I promise you won’t regret it.