Voting is a hot topic no matter when it’s being talked about as it’s very controversial. Whenever there is another person’s opinion is at state,  there is going to be a lot of highly contested viewpoints that will swing from one side to another.

Currently, going out to vote is one of those critical issues that we need to focus all of our attention towards as it can be a life-changing moment for many of us. There’s a lot at state in this election as we will be voting for not just our next president, our next congressional person but in some states, our next senator representative.

Whether you’re a republican or a democrat, choosing to vote is an “absolutely necessary”  process that we all must participate in. The more people who go out to vote the better the chances that “the will of the people” will be properly represented.

We are at that critical stage where every vote is needed. You can’t say that my one vote won’t count as that’s note true. It’s imperative that we vote and we have to do so in large numbers. Any excuses not to vote will not be accepted as it’s much too important in this tight political race. The results of us electing to vote will help determine in what direction the country is going and that alone should get you motivated to go to the polls.

Plus, you can’t let this opportunity go by the wayside as some knuckleheads who are not familiar with the power of what your vote means and suggest that we don’t vote. Having the right to vote has a very important significance as it’s the measure on how we can legally voice our opinion.

You need to know that no one is going to hear you unless you go behind that curtain and vote.  In our political system, which many people died and went through all sorts of hardship to allow you to have this privilege, you owe it to each of them to vote.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for as that is your personal choice. Plus, you are entitled to express your opinion concerning this matter whether I agree or not.  However, I have heard rumors from both sides of the political spectrum which disturbs me immensely.  And that is, since they don’t like either candidate in this election, they will sit out and not vote.

As a person from my generation of the “baby boomers”, this decision not to vote is a travesty. I recall in my youth ( 1960’s) all the ugly things that were going on politically relating to having the right to vote and it was terrible. People from all over the country was deeply divided about this right to vote issue and there was political chaos in every community across the nation. However, after extensive political fighting, some blood sweat and tears, the problems concerning voting was eventually resolved as justice prevailed at the end.

As a result,  my grandparents and many people of their age group couldn’t vote until they were in their seventies, and my mother until she was in her fifties. Once they finally got the opportunity to vote,  they did so with pride and dignity. This special privilege meant a lot to them and they explained the same to me so that I would get this point, as well.

I recall them telling me that when I got to the age to vote, I should always do so no matter what, and tell my children to do the same. They also emphasized that this privilege came at a very high price and my family and I shouldn’t forget that.

So having the right to vote is very important in my opinion, and based on the historical background of how it was implemented you should feel the same. However, you have to think carefully about what your vote means to you and decide what best suits you and your family.  I just hope that you don’t be narrow-minded and let a lot of ugly and nasty comments denied you from exercising a privilege that you are entitled.

As we come down to the closing moments of choosing whether to vote or not to vote,  I sincerely hope that you remember this article and remember that your vote is essential and everything else is just ” BALONEY”.