I’m sure that you know by now that all of us have some very special qualities that make us different from everybody else. Consequently, we should embrace that gift that we are born with and use it whenever we can to improve our lives.  I believe that this is the way that God has planned it, so it’s nothing that you can do about changing these qualities of ourselves.

In having these gifts, every person will get that opportunity  at some point to use their gifts to enhance their lives or to help others improve their life in some special way. However, this will not happen on its own, it’s up to each person to utilize these gifts to the best of your ability.

For example, you can do one thing, that you are very good at, I can do something else that I’m good at, and somebody else can do something different, and this thought can go on and on as our individual talents represent our personal signature of our talents.

In others words, each person in their own way must know this gift themselves as knowing this our value is something that we should be very proud of.  And when you are proud of something, you don’t want to hide it or lock it away as so many of us do, you want to expose it in a way so that others can benefit also.

Most of us know that we have these special attributes, but we don’t pay too much attention to trying to develop our gifts like we should. Sometimes, we take these special gifts for granted and don’t think it’s such a big deal.  However, it’s a big deal and we need to have more confidence in ourselves as a result of the abilities that we are born with. We look more at other people’s talents as our benchmark to admire and wishing that we were in their shoes. But, we have talents that are just as amazing when they are being put to use.

In these situations when we don’t recognize our own abilities, we allow us talents and our gifts to go wasted, as we are in essence keeping our talents locked up. This is not good, as there are so many of us who are caught up in the other aspects of being like the person next door, that we don’t realize that if we unlock our talents, we would do so much better in our own lives.

However, there are others who don’t know that they have these gifts, and their talents go wasted for not using them. These gifts do show up when we are in tough situations, as we somehow find a way to get through our difficulties and later can’t figure out how we were able to do so. The truth is, you have skills that you probably didn’t know that you have within you, and you just need to use them more.

This seems easy enough, so why don’t more of us use our talents to enhance lives?  This is a mystery that I wished that I had the answer to. People just don’t seem to see the value in themselves and that’s why this article, in my opinion, is so important to be brought to your attention.

In reading so many articles on the topic of how people use or don’t use their talents, I have discovered that much of this comes from the lack of receiving support from the people around you. We need to hear more encouragement from the people who we are around the most often, telling us that we can make a difference in using our talents. Once these talents of yours are unlocked and are given the reigns to flourish, there is no end to what we can get accomplished.

In my opinion, this process is called having an intrinsic value of ourselves because these gifts and talents only apply to that individual. It’s because of these special capabilities that we are able to do things that others are unable to do. For example, some people have an act of working with mathematics, others like science, others love finance and there are others who love the arts industry, while there are others who love playing an instrument and etc.   Once you put these extraordinary talents to work, this a very powerful force of energy that you have within you that must be used.

However, as wonderful it is to have these capabilities, there is a problem in that there are too many of us who have their intrinsic gifts on lock down. When we do so, it’s not helping anyone including ourselves.

I’m sure you know of an example where you are very good at performing a certain skill, but we chose to do something else, which is often not what we do the best.  And whenever we elect to do something that we are not operating at our best we are guilty of locking up the intrinsic values of ourselves.

Once you choose to lock up something of value, no matter what it may be, you are telling the world that whatever it is, it has more value being tucked away, than to be out in the open. You can also use this same analogy when we lock up things that would help to benefit others, like people who are great lawyers,  who are good doctors, people who are good building homes, or have a special skill reading DNA charts that would be good for developing medicines to cure cancer.  If you ever visit the village in New York, you may find several of these bright individuals who became homeless people, where their talents are not be utilized for themselves nor for anybody else.

For the most part, there are a lot of people who has something that they keep locked up, and they do so for various reasons. It could be some form of depression, they have experienced some drama situations, people have gone through some difficult divorces, people have lost their jobs and etc.  In going through these different situations in life, some of us lose it and go into hibernation, and when we do, we also lock up our gifted talents, and this is never good.

The point is, sometimes, we lock up our gifts ourselves and other times we allow people to lock up our talents for us. This happens when others tell us that we aren’t good enough and we believe their assessment of our own abilities. However, as noted above, we are born having these special gifts and we can’t let people discourage us from using these talents, to the best of our abilities because when we do so, we are guilty of allowing ourselves to be locked up also.

In closing, unlocking the intrinsic values and talents within ourselves has to go to the top of our to-do list. And when we elect to do, you are going to see some amazing things unfold for you. I know this for myself, as the people who know me well, know that I come from a large family. Each of us has unique talents, and much as I love them dearly, they keep trying to make me into becoming a carpenter, or an electrician, or a plumber, or a person who is good at working with my hands.

However, I continued to fail them miserably and I didn’t want to keep failing them, but I finally realized that I’m not good at using the hammer, or the wrenches, or building things like each of them was.  My strength is in handling money, which is subject matter that I love, and I have spent much of my time studying in that field. And once you know your strengths, it’s best for you to stay in your lane, as that is where you will get the best results.

In closing, don’t be afraid to use your God given gifts to help yourselves and to help others when you can as that is what our gifts are for. Once your individual gifts are allowed to be used in the matter they are supposed to, you will unleash an incredible amount of positive energy that will help you for life. And if you are a parent, encourage your children to do the same.