If you want to save some money you will have to work on staying healthy as much as you can. If you do you will be able to save more money than you think. We don’t look at having good health as being a very good indicator in keeping money in our pockets but it is if you look closer.

The price of healthcare is going through the roof and it’s not slowing down. If you don’t believe me, look at the prices of your premiums on your health coverage bill.  You want to scream hell like I have been doing for awhile saying  “it’s not fair” but no one is listening.

Also, health care is no longer an age-related concern like it was years ago. Today, health care cost affects people from all ages young and old.  The money that we are putting away for our medical coverage doesn’t seem to be enough to cover these rising prices. The only way that I believe that we can cut down on these expenses is to do something ourselves to help to improve our health.

To be honest, health care is a very explosive topic from head to toe and it’s been that way for several years but no one speaking out on this in my opinion.  Health is an issue that we try our best to keep quiet  for fear that it will show up and hit us in some way. You know this is true, as you are afraid to talk about this issue now as it scares you like it does for me.

Most of us know that health is important and we need to focus more on keeping this under control. The fact that I’m talking about this now will have some people to look away as no one wants to talk about it openly. It’s one of those topics that everyone is afraid to bring up as it can make you feel depressed and it also can make others feel uncomfortable.

Since I have gotten older, I think about this issue of having good health much more today than I have done in the past. And just in case that I don’t, the aches and pains that I get in my body  constantly remind me that I’m no longer in charge.  When your back starts to hurt or your foot starts to ache for no reason that you know of,  that is when you will understand this mystery about health.

As you get older, these ailments can bother you more and it’s frustrating. However,  you can no longer ignore this issue of trying to stay healthy like so many have done before. Health itself seems to have a mind of its own, one day you have pain in your body, and on other days you are fine. This is the mystery about our health, some of us don’t have any medical issues for years while others it’s nothing but a chronic problem, day after day.

In one way or another, we are reminded of a health-related concern as we all know someone who is ill or having a tough time medically. This issue of health has enormous tentacles as it can have an impact on several people that you  know. One day it may be your parent’s health, your children’s health, your sibling’s health, your relatives and, more importantly, your own health. Each of these situations has some effect on our lives and if these medical concerns are no big problem for you today, you are indeed one lucky and blessed person.

What can we do to prevent this issue from becoming a bigger financial problem in our lives?

I believe the answer to this question is that we have to take better control of our health than we do today. You know the drill, you have to eat better, exercise more,  reduce your stress and there are some other habits you have to change.  We can’t no longer ignore going to see the doctor to have regular checkups done. Most of us don’t dare see the doctor unless we have to. However, I’m making an effort to see the doctors more today just to get ahead of any medical problems that may come up.  No matter what others may tell you making a commitment to getting these regular checkups can only help you to avoid getting into more complications later. These regular visits are inconvenient at times but it’s better than to be stuck in the hospital bed for days trying to get well.

In my younger days, health was an issue that we thought would come up later in our life because we would watch our parents grow older. At that time, very few people had to go to the hospital or to worry about going to see a doctor as we were doing fine.  As a result, we incorrectly told ourselves why should we worry about healthcare this soon as we have our whole life ahead of us. When we were warned by our parents and elders not to smoke, not to drink excessively, not to use drugs, not to eat the wrong things and the list can go on and on, their message came in one ear and left after the other.

Now that I’m one of the old farts myself, I can only advise you not to treat your health with such disregard like many of us are doing so.  You shouldn’t do so because poor health will sneak up on you  and knock you out when you least expect it.  The people who are healthier today, if you check in their background they for the most part, did followed the advice that was given and made the health care adjustments, where others did not.

For me personally,  many of my health concerns didn’t come to the surface until later as I was always playing  basketball, handball, volleyball which are intensive sports. However, as I grew older, I  elected to take a break to pursue some other sports that were easier on my knees.  In choosing to play these other sports of golf, bowling, trail walking, these events wasn’t that intensive. In doing so, I got lazy and picked up some extra weight that I’m still having difficulty trying to shred off. When you are older, the pounds don’t go away that easily and they just find places to hang onto your body. In trying to get rid of the extra weight it’s tough and the longer you wait, the more difficult this process becomes.

My doctor has advised that as you age it’s imperative that you keep active and if you don’t these extra pounds won’t go away. Plus, the cost of the new medicine to address our ailments are steadily climbing because people want to have an easy way out.  As a result,  they have a pill for everything today, and most of these pills we are taking are because no one wants to follow the advice that they are being told by the medical professionals. I’m going to listen to what I should have heard before and also pass along this valuable advice to each of you. Health is an essential issue that you must address early and not wait later on.  The experts state that early detection can save many of you from having a difficult time  as you get older, so it’s best to start right now.

In closing, I sincerely hope that after reading this article, someone will take their health care more serious than they did before. Electing to do something now is the secret of dealing with this epic proportion problem that will hit us all one day. Also, poor health will drain you and your family’s finances and nobody wants to go through that experience. To me, health care  doesn’t love anybody, and it will strike any of us. If I’m scaring you in this article, I hope that I’m coming across that way as  health is a very serious matter. It’s imperative that you get this point as your health can save you thousands of dollars and it also can save you an unbelievable amount of hardships. And just in case,  you don’t want to make the sacrifice to improve your health for yourselves, do it for your children, as they may be the ones who will have to take care of you later.