Learning how to earn money early in your life is something that very few people get a chance to do. If  your child is offered the opportunity to work, listen to me parents,  you should allow them to do so. Working in your youth is one of those experiences that could help you to mature like nothing else. It worked out well for me and my siblings and it can help your child to do the same.

However, there has been this controversial opinion that we shouldn’t allow children to work as this deprives them of enjoying their lives as children. The people who agree with this way of thinking believes that working as a child is totally wrong,  as this responsibility is on the parents.  When  children are put in this position to work this soon in their lives,  it’s unfair and is also a big mistake.

As a person who have had many jobs in my youth, I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking. I believe that having the option to work when you are young, this will benefit  you more than it hurts. It teaches you to be prompt and to be responsible, which are attributes needed later on in life when you start working as an adult.  This early work experience is valuable because when you grow up and have a family to support,  you will know that work is necessary.

You also get to be introduced to a very important part of growing up and that is when you work you will get a paycheck. This experience of receiving payment for your services is priceless as it depicts how life is in the real world. When you grow up you will learn that if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

I also don’t think there is anything else that can replace that feeling of self-pride that you get in receiving your own check. I recall when was young and got my first check of $23.50, I carried it around for a few days before I cashed it in. It made me feel like I was bigger than life and when you are young your self-esteem is very important.

Plus, in your youth, it’s the only time that we will get to participate in job opportunities that can help prepare us for life for the future. This experience of working to earn your “OWN MONEY ” provides a level of satisfaction that you can’t be duplicated. If you have worked in your youth and received money for doing so, you will know how great that feels.

There is another point,  when you are young you don’t have the limitations that can hold you back as when you get older. In being young, you will be offered all sorts of jobs to work on, so if you want to truly work, you can. These opportunities are mostly available to you because when you are young, the wages are lower and that is good for your employer.

However, as wonderful as it is to be young, it’s also a limited time as we don’t stay young forever.  The young people who are eligible to work, they have to take full advantage of it while they can. There is this  old saying that is ” you have to strike while the iron is hot”. If you choose to do so, it can help to put you on track to become very wealthy when you grow up.

In terms of working in their youth, I have read that Warren Buffet, one of the world’s most richest man starting reading the New York Times and the stock market tables with his father in his youth and look at where he is now.

I have read that the famous Financial Guru Suzan Ormond, sold girl scout cookies by the thousands in her youth and look at where she is today. She has become one of the top female millionaires in the world and she is still on the roll making more.

I read that Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon worked at McDonald’s grilling burgers and see where he is today being responsible for billions of dollars of online sales.

I read that Oprah Winfrey the famous TV talk host worked in a grocery store bagging groceries until she finally got a break working on a small Television show.

I read that Mark Cuban, the President of the Mavericks NBA basketball team,  was once a barber and lived with five other people before getting a sales job to sell PC Software in a retail store.

There are so many other examples of people who became successful because they started working early in their lives. As a result of this early start in their careers,  this helped to jumpstart each of them to become financial superstars in their respective fields.

Consequently,  I’m writing this article is to encourage you to push your children to go after things that they love doing while they are still young. We, as parents, have to be able to motivate our children to shoot for the stars, and not to settle for just being average. We also want them to become financially independent, which should also be a goal of theirs as well. Many of the people who were behind the superstars listed above were their loving parents. They supported their children at every turn even if one of their initiatives didn’t work out. In other words, you have to be willing to help them through the ups and downs, as their success may come later on.

In my youth, you could generate income  by selling newspapers, shining shoes, bagging groceries, delivering laundry to homes, and some other manual intensive jobs. However, the world has changed drastically as those jobs rarely exist today. The jobs of today are building computers, selling merchandise on the internet, posting ads on websites, becoming a tech developer and the list can go on and on. In other words, your child must have the skills of today in order to earn a decent income.  If they don’t have these comparable skills, they will be unmarketable and that is no good for them or for yourselves.

In closing, if your child wants to work and earn a paycheck, don’t discourage them. In doing so, our children can earn a sizeable amount of money as their talents today are off the charts. The examples of the people noted above became successful by starting to work in their youth. You don’t know, but your child may be able to do the same.  I’m glad that my parents didn’t listen to the crowd and allowed me to work in my youth because it worked for me.  In doing so, I learned how to earn money of my own, which created a great foundation that helped me throughout life. Now that you have heard my story, don’t you want your child to have the same opportunity?