We need to find ways to save money whenever we can and starting with reducing our food expenses is one of them. The prices of vegetables and fruits have climbed through the roof in my neighborhood what about yours?

I don’t know whether you know this or not, but within the past 7 years, there has been a tremendous shift where people are going back to eating healthier. Eating fruits and vegetables are now a must have more than it was before. People are slowly cutting down on consuming hamburgers, french fries, and hot dogs as they are now eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

People are slowly cutting down on consuming hamburgers, french fries, and hot dogs and the delicious rack of ribs that I have always loved to eat. They are replacing it by eating squash, corn, spinach and you get the point. 

People are also no longer eating canned fruits and canned vegetables, which was so popular in the days of my youth. In today’s economy, it’s being replaced by more people eating frozen foods or organic meals because this is healthier. 

Eating healthier is the relevant issue for today, as the younger generation is no longer putting this topic on the back burner like many of the people from my generation (the Baby Boomers) In our day, we had to eat whatever fruits and vegetables that were on sale that week. You didn’t have all the choices that the lucky children have today.

However, the more educated population are moving into this direction of eating healthier, which is undeniably better for you in the long run. Additionally, there are several more studies being published showing that in adding more fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily diet, this will help you to live longer. This information has caught everyone’s attention so now healthy eating is the hot thing to do. 

Since there is a strong desire for everyone to live longer, and I know that you want to do so as well. Plus, the healthy eating specialists and there are plenty of them today, are encouraging us to be more selective with what we eat. If we want to improve our health it begins with changing our diet. 

However, in order to add more fresh fruits and vegetables into our diet, we have to buy them from the specialty stores. We can also get them from our own homegrown gardens if we elect to grow these items for ourselves. I’m strongly suggesting that you do so as it can help you in so many ways. In choosing to do so, we can select the choice of what we want to grow, (fruits or vegetables) and also can make sure that we don’t use any preservatives,

In growing fresh fruits and vegetables ourselves, we can save hundreds of dollars. A lot of our high prices on these food products are because of having to use these strict labels on the products to separate the organic products from the traditional products. This extra screening process adds an extra expense to your food cost.

There are companies like Whole Foods, Whole Earth Center, Trader Joe’s, and Wegmans Supermarket that are selling healthy food in place of the traditional foods. I do anticipate more companies will be selling these products as well, because of the high-profit margins that you get from selling these specialty foods. 

In the past, only wealthy people could afford to purchase these organic foods as these products are not cheap.  Only the people who have the deep financial pockets are able to do so on a regular basis. However, there are more people are following this trend today.

However, since this eating healthier craze movement has been on a rise, the people who used to dine regularly at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and the other fast food establishments, are giving up on their fast food habits. This population of fast food eaters is now moving over to do the same by eating healthier also. This trend is not good for the fast food industry, as they did not anticipate that the fast food eating activity would fall off for the lower income group. But, the lower profits from these fast food stores show that it’s happening.  

As a result of this craze to start in eating healthier, the regular food industry is suffering in a major way financially. This is because their traditional foods are not moving off the shelves like it did before. This slower moving inventory leading to lower profits and this is a big problem for the food industry.

Consequently, in order to compete with this new craze, these traditional supermarkets are being forced to carry health related products themselves. For example, in my local supermarket, there is a separate isle just for the health and organic foods, and every day the crowd of customers started to buy groceries from this isle is getting larger.

You may ask where do you fit in this scenario? 

The only way for the little guys like you and I can afford to participate in this eating healthier craze is for us to get back to gardening for ourselves. I recall when I was younger, our neighbors would grow vegetables in their garden all the time. And more importantly, once their fruits and vegetables were ripe, they would give to us. They loved planting these vegetables and we loved eating them, so it was a win-win situation for all of us.

In order to understand where we are today on this topic, I took a poll of the people that have started a garden in my neighborhood and discovered that 60% of the families have done so. They are growing a variety of vegetables like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, green and red peppers, and cabbage. They are also growing fruits like apples, pears and much more. In looking at the prices of these items in the local stores I see why they are doing so. 

In a time where we all want to stretch our dollars, we can do so by electing to get off the couch and start a garden for ourselves. It’s not that difficult in getting started and you may enjoy the process once you start to see the results of doing so. 

You can start by making a space in your backyard, as it will not take a very large space. And if you don’t have a backyard, get a group of friends together to start a garden in your community. This community planting process is going on in many of our neighborhoods, so why not join in and do the same. By doing so, you can save hundreds of dollars on your grocery budget (an average of $ 200 per month) and you can also benefit by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, which is better for you.

In closing, if you want to save some money and to also take charge of changing your eating habits you should consider starting your own garden. I have tried to list some of the benefits of doing so, and that’s not all of the good things that will come out of doing so. You can also do this with your children to help them learn about how important it is in growing foods for themselves. I hope that after reading this article, you may consider doing the same for the reasons I have noted. Plus, to save some money it is always good and to me,  it’s always better for the money to be in our pockets and not in the pockets of the supermarket managers. In electing to start a garden, you can truly save a lot in doing so and I hope this article encourages you to do so.