If you have a few dollars and you don’t know how to best spend it, may I suggest that you take a closer look at where you live and elect to put the funds to good use by doing some upgrades to your home.  In doing so, not only will you increase the value of your residence, which would be outstanding for you in the event that you want to sell your property at some point, but it would also make you feel better about where you live. I know this for a fact because that is exactly what it did for me.

Whether you roll up your sleeves to do the updates yourself or have the job done by professionals, in either case, you will feel proud of what you have just accomplished.  This sense of pride is a powerful force of energy.

It still amazes me how a little hard work like painting a room, changing the ceiling fans, changing the carpets, or changing the bathroom utilities can make your place look so much better than it did before.

When I was in my youth, my mother would mandate that my siblings and I give our home this face-lift twice a year.The first face-lift would be done before Easter.  The second would happen prior to  Thanksgiving.  We had to do this because when company came by, and we always had a lot of visitors during the holiday season, the house had to look good.  On these two holidays, my mother wanted to show off her upgrades to her friends and family. This was such a big deal to her that it became a strict ritual for my siblings and me to do these upgrades when these holidays came around. And later on in life, when we got our own homes, we kept this tradition up in our houses.

Plus, personally, I also got tired of visiting other people’s home and seeing their renovations, which they were very proud of, and knowing that my place was still the same. You do feel a little ashamed that you didn’t make it a priority to update your home as well. However, you shouldn’t beat yourselves up.  Just make a decision to start the process soon. Once you start your research, you’ll learn that a lot of these upgrades don’t require as much as you think. Some of the changes can be small and the other ones can be large improvements.  Regardless, after the job is completed, I’m sure that you will love looking at the end results.

Taking a stab at the larger jobs, like changing your windows, changing the flooring, painting the entire house, or remodeling the kitchen, can be a little intimidating as they are more expensive.  However, renovations will significantly increase the market value of you home, so in my eyes, it’s worth the investment. You can add thousands of dollars of market value to your house just by changing the inside or outside appearance.

If you decide to make these changes, you will not be alone.  Right now, renovating your home is the hot new trend and there are quite a few TV shows and cable stations, like HGTV, dedicated to this subject.  As a consequence, people are choosing to upgrade their home rather buy a new house.  Yes, having a new home with all the fancy furnishings and high-end upgrades would be nice, but there’s nothing like putting your personal stamp on your home. Plus, doing renovations is cheaper and easier to do than buying a new home.

If you walk around my old neighborhood, Brooklyn, New York, you will see people renovating their properties on every block. It has happened so much that the property values in this area are one of the highest in the country. Additionally, as more people from the surrounding communities begin to do the same on their blocks, the market value of the entire neighborhood will rise substantially.

In closing, renovating your home is not only a smart investment but also a rewarding experience. I started doing some upgrades to my house a few years back, and I still love what I did. I believe that you will feel the same level of pride when you “put your money in where you live”.  So go for it, you won’t regret that you did.

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