If you know anything about the sport of baseball, April is the opening season for this sport. I would like to use the game of baseball as an example to highlight a point of this article. ( Financial preparedness)

If you want to become a good player you have to be willing to practice and do it repeatedly until your skills are at a very high level. And once you reach this level, you still have to keep practicing in order to stay sharp.

Likewise, people who save and study the fundamentals of money, repeatedly normally do better than people who don’t.

You don’t have to start by having a lot of money, you have to just start doing something positive. Start by saving a little at the beginning and continue to do so regularly. Once you have saved enough to invest, don’t be afraid to do so. It’s not as hard as people think it is. But it does require action by yourselves and the sooner the better.

In order to become a good financial baseball player, you have to keep practicing good money habits repeatedly and don’t let up. On the days that you are not playing, you have to keep practicing these good money habits in order to stay in shape. If you do so, these good money habits will come easier to perform over time and that would be good for you down the road.

As you grow up, this knowledge will help you to develop into becoming prudent and wise in handling your money matters. This knowledge will help you in so many ways in all walks of your life and you will appreciate it as you age.

The successful people who I run into today which are living comfortably financially, they have learned to put this financial wisdom in their lives for years. In doing so,  they are not having the financial hardship like the people who have failed to do so.

One of the most disappointing things that I have observed in growing older is to see people of my age group, that are having a tough time balancing their money responsibilities. When you are older, people are reluctant to help you get out of a financial blunder like when you were younger. This is because if they did so there is a low probability that they would get their money back and no one likes those odds.

In getting back to my point on financial preparedness, if you know anything about the sport of baseball the first hurdle is to get on the team. Likewise, in playing financial baseball, you have to be ready to get on the team by saving some money and not spend every penny you get.

Once you are on the team you have to learn how to get on base. Once you get on base, you have to learn the rules on how to move from one base to another. You also need others like yourselves to help move you towards home base. This can be achieved when they get a hit while you’re on base.

If you work to surround yourselves with players who have good financial capabilities like yourselves, there is a good chance you will make it.  These type of players save money and invest wisely and as result, they win the game.

Hopefully, if you choose to adopt good money habits and have your children to do the same while they are young, they will grow up to become good financial baseball players also. If you can accomplish this task you will become a good financial baseball player, your children will be also, and you will win many games and that is the theme of this article.