To all those who were affected in some form or another by this terrible event, I hope that you are trying your best to get through these difficult times. You also need to know that there are many people just like me who are praying that you do so. This event represents a life-changing moment for many of us and as the days move forward, let’s all pray that this will never happen again in our lives.

As we go through this anniversary of remembering all those events surrounding  9/11, that happened to us on that horrible day, it’s good to know that Bin Laden and many of his loyal soldiers have been removed from this earth. In having these bad people be eliminated, it’s a great relief to all those families that had to endure waiting endlessly,  for these villains to finally be brought to justice.

To many of us, the mental scars are still there and they will never go away. This is especially for those families who lost a loved one on this memorable day. Unless you have someone who you know that have gone through this experience, I don’t think you will ever understand the emptiness that these families have to go through. I will pray for all those who are in this position and I hope that they will do the same for me and my family as I go on living my life.

Thanks to President Obama for being courageous and keeping his pledge of tracking down the people responsible for causing this horrific event on our soil. These criminals were somehow allowed to hide for years, which I don’t understand with all our technology advancements, but they finally got caught. We give President Obama honor and praise for fulfilling this goal, which means so much to all those people in the world, who was impacted, in some form or another.

However, to me personally, no matter how much time elapses,  this event will never be forgotten. It’s good to know that this is still a big deal to so many families, the TV media and people from all over the world. I say this because as time passes by the general public, have had a tendency to let some things of great importance to get watered down and I hope that this doesn’t happen.

Years will come and go and if this is just as important to you, please don’t let the younger ones forget how important this day is. This was  truly a “Nasty Event ” that occurred in our history and if each of us does our part to make sure that it never will happen again, I’ll be very happy and all the families affected will feel the same.

When I hear all those names being called out, on each anniversary,  I also want to thank God that he did not let any harm come to me or my daughter, as we both worked in the Wall Street area, when the twin towers went down. In my other 9/11 article, I mentioned all the personal details where I was involved. But no matter how many stories you hear, to me and my daughter, this horrible event will always occupy a special place in our hearts, for the rest of our lives.

On the anniversary of this terrible event in our lives, the widespread of terrorism is still running rampant and that is ashamed. However, every day as more and more people all over the world are coming together to fight against this type of terrorism, we will get it done collectively at some point. I just hope that this optimistic way of thinking comes sooner than later for the sake of my grandchildren.

After the 9/11 attack, this horrible event has awoken the world, letting every innocent body know that terrorism must be stopped. If we fail to ban together to put a stop to this type of movement, their next stop could be your country. To me, the best way to defeat this level of terrorism it’s going to take a very strong commitment from several nations, working together as this problem to too big for just a few nations to resolve.

In closing, the whole world has finally got the message that terrorism is a horror behavior, no matter who is performing the act. As I look at what is going on throughout the world, every country is rising up against those who are causing terror. Today’s people have decided not to stand on the sidelines like their parents have done before them. People are fighting back every day against this type of aggressive injustice , and I’m for each of them all the way. I wrote this article labeled, ” 9/11 still hurts ” because that explains why this day means so much to me and to all those others who were impacted in some way or another. I will continue to pray for them on each anniversary and I hope that you will do the same for me.