As an old-school person that I am, I have heard this phrase used all my life and that is “if you can learn to put your nickels and dimes together you can get whatever you want”.

I’m sure that many of you have heard the same told to you by your loving parents or by some close relatives. These wise words were spoken to us whenever we wanted to buy something right away but didn’t have enough money to do so.

Little did we all know back then, that this phrase would be the cornerstone of how things are obtained throughout our lives. If you don’t have sufficient funds for a transaction, you have to wait until you have enough to do so. It’s just that simple of a philosophy but many of us still don’t get it.

For example, I didn’t get this point when I was younger, as I wanted my sneakers right away. I also wanted that fashionable sweater that everyone was wearing at the time but couldn’t buy it as my funds were too low. When I asked my parents for the money to get these luxuries of my youth, they told me the same message as indicated above.

My parent’s unwillingness to give me the money ticked me off at that time. This was because the movie that I was taking my girlfriend to cost more than what I had in my pocket. Additionally, the idea of buying her popcorn and a drink on this date was out of the question. The fact that I couldn’t afford to buy these things for her had me more upset.

This taught me a valuable lesson not to go out again unless you know what the total cost is ahead of time. And, more importantly, you better had saved enough of nickles and dimes before you go out as you will be embarrassed. I had to tell my girlfriend that the movie showing was not my liking and we would have to come back another time. The truth was, I didn’t have enough money for the movie.

As I got older, I also discovered that the things that I wanted cost more than I thought they would. As a result, learning how to save up my nickels and dimes was an essential part of growing up. If I ever was going to buy what I wanted in life I had to comply with this principle as there were no shortcuts.

Unfortunately, I have seen many of the people who I grew up with ignore this principle and it hurts to see them today. They got stuck on looking only at the nickles and dimes separately which was no money. They spent their nickels and dimes and didn’t save their funds. I’m sorry to report that these individuals got nowhere in their life and that’s ashamed.

However, I’m glad that I listened and learned how to put my nickels and my dimes together and I’m suggesting that you do the same. As a result of this effort of saving my nickels and dimes, this enabled me to stay out of heavy debt like many of my peers. In using this approach, I was also able to fund my retirement plan, that I live on today.

In starting to use this process some years back, I was able to buy my own sneakers, buy my suit for the prom, pay my college tuition, rent an apartment, buy a car, buy a home and etc.  Best of all, I have had some dollars in my pockets from then on and I also encouraged my children to do the same.

Finally, I have used this principle throughout my adult life and it has worked for me very well. I suggest that you use it also and pass along this message to your children, as you won’t regret it.