At some point in life, you’re going to get some bad news that will almost “floor you”. This is a phrase that was used back in my day when you received some bad news that shocked you.

I hope that your bad news doesn’t come for a while for you. But, if there is anything that I have learned from life and that is everyone will get their turn.  One day things are going fine and then there is a day when you get that unexpected bomb. If you don’t believe me, keep living and see as that is what my parents told me regarding this point.

I’m not sure what your bad news may be for you, but it will be a different experience for each of us. For example, you can be told that your job is over as you’re being replaced by a robot, your mom and pop store has to close as Wal-Mart has taken all your business, if you are a sales person and you are being let go as consumers are now buying most of their products online,  your company is letting you go and they are hiring younger people to replace you and the stories of pain and disappointment can go on and on.

And in my case, the company that I have worked for over twenty-five years stated that they were relocating to another state to cut their operational expenses. If you want to keep your job, you will have to follow where the company was moving to.  However, there was another kicker in my gut, and that was there was no guaranteed that you would be selected as they were also hiring people in the new location.

In coming from my neighborhood, when you hear information like this, you just want to hit the person giving you this bad news. In attacking them, (which I strongly suggest that you don’t) as it will not change the outcome and you may go to jail by striking a person. However, you can get very angry when you are told that you are no longer needed as it hurts so bad.  Some people start to cry and I see why they do and others like me, they just want to punch someone in the nose.

As you can tell, I’m a person that still need some “anger management” classes. I was kicked out of my anger management classes when I was let go from my job, as being a disruptive individual.

However, this type of bad news is happening to families all over the country as I’m not the only one.  You can’t stop this technology-driven economy from occurring in our communities no matter how many politicians are placed in the White House. When people are laid off from their jobs this affects them and their families more than you know.

However, in life, you have to learn to move forward and that takes a lot of guts and courage. The will to fight back has to come to the surface at some point for you. The person where I learned the most about having guts was from my mother. She lost her sister who died from a heart attack at 49 years old. She received news that her son, who was my young brother( 21 years old) had a horrible accident on his job and died.  All this happened within a couple of hours from each other.

I recalled my siblings and I was screaming and my mother told to us give her some time alone and we did. She went into her room and we heard her pray and ask God for strength and the courage to get through this painful process. Later on, she came out of her room and said that she was ready to move forward. I never knew what happened to her in being in the room but when she came out, she had this unusual determination look. As we made plans on the two funerals that had to be done, her strong determination to get through that difficult period showed us another level of her courage.

One day when I was older, I asked my mother what did she learn by going into the room to talk to God. She replied by saying that she learned that having pity wasn’t going to help her to move forward,  only prayers and guts could do that.  People who are able to handle this harsh part of reality and keep a strong mental attitude during their crisis, they will have the best chance to overcome these obstacles. Plus, you have to have the confidence that tomorrow events will be better for you. Once you stick with this method it will help you, as that is what worked for her.

Personally, I have had plenty of bad news come my way and I wanted to give up and feel sorrow for myself many times. However, whenever I thought about that moment when my mother received her bad news, I knew that my bad news was just small stuff.  She didn’t cry out and say why me?  which a lot of people do in situations like this. She had the guts to say let’s move on as her family needed her to be strong and she did so.

To prove that she had more courage to move on, after raising 13 children, my mother went to college in her fifties to earn a degree. She did so not just for her own self-esteem, but to also show us what guts was like in action.  And if she could do it, we had no excuse for not excelling ourselves.

I don’t know what drove me to write about this topic today as my mother passed away several years ago. Plus, I’m in a good place today and I thank God for not having any major concerns.

However, for some reason, this issue is on top of my list so I’m following my instinct in bringing this to the table. The idea having the courage and guts to move on after going through a period of receiving some bad news, that can apply anytime. I don’t know who will be reading this note but I hope that this article will encourage somebody not to hang their heads and give up on themselves. My mother told me that we all have what it takes inside of us, but do we have the guts to do something about it?. And more importantly, you can’t move on until you find the courage and the guts to do so.