Most of us don’t think of our lives as being in a constant race but we are. We are all running after something in life whether we want to acknowledge this or not. And like in any race, there are people who are “fast starters” and there are some who are “strong finishers”.

Hence, you need to know where you stand in regard to your best skill set because it will serve you well when you are running in this race. You must also be cognizant that you are not the only one trying to get to the finish line, there are plenty of others running against you.

In running in a race, we must try our best to get to the finish line before the others as there are always winners and there are losers and no one wants to be the latter. In order to become a winner, you have to learn to adapt to things that will come up whether it’s bad weather, placed in a bad lane and any other obstacles that may get in your way.

In running sometimes your strategy will require you to speed up to overtake your competition. And at other times, you have to move at a moderate pace so that you can last until the end of the race. The end goal is to beat out your competition whether you use your speed or your endurance, whatever works the best for you.

Personally, I was never a fast starter in the many things that I did. Nor was I very good at taking on responsibilities that required me to arrive early in the morning.  I was best at working late or coming through when others would fade. I always took pride in trying to always be there when I was desperately needed as that is still what I’m known for today, a person who can come through down the stretch. This is a key point about your capabilities, you must know your strong points and your weak points, as this will matter at some point in your life.

In running a race coming through when it counts the most, this is one of the critical points of obtaining success. When you give your best and it pays off with a win it is a fantastic feeling. In seeing a close race where the competitors are neck to neck, it’s very exhilarating to see them push themselves to the brink trying to get to that tape first.

However, in some races of life, you can’t do it alone. Like in a relay race it’s imperative that you have good teammates in order to win. In having the right people to help you run in a race that is what counts the most as each person plays a pivotal role. In having these talented people running in this race with you, it can make a major difference on whether you come in first or last in your race.

Now that I’m older, and hopefully a lot wiser, I understand that it’s important to have key people around you. You need to also who has the talents of being a “fast starter” or a “strong finisher”. And that they are willing to use their talents to help you achieve your goal this is also imperative.  When you are in a tight race the team that executes the best normally wins the race and this can be done when you and your team work well together.

Most people you meet will run at a different speed than yourselves and that is how they live their lives.   This is important information to know at what speed that they are best at running. This is because in running a race where you need a fast starter who can take off quickly and if that is not their strength you have a problem. In that situation,  you have to find a person who is a fast starter or getting things done that you are unable to do yourselves.  In the challenges of life, you can lose a race if you have people running in the wrong lane or at the wrong speed as that can make a major difference in the end.

I believe that a lot of our hardships comes from making the wrong evaluation of people who we count on in tough situations.  For example, we think that they are good at performing one task but they are actually good at doing something else. When this occurs, we are in deep trouble because we are depending on them to come through for us but they are unable to so because they don’t have those specific skills.  I don’t have to tell you how many times that we have made mistakes in our life dealing with people who we thought was a fast starter and they were not but they were a good finisher.

People who are “fast starters”, they are very good at beginning a task and the opposite is true of “strong finishers”. This is a very important distinction to be aware of when you are counting on others to help you to get a goal accomplished. You can tell the difference as the “fast starters ” as they don’t wait for others to get going. They will jump-start the process ahead of the crowd which you may need at that time.   The”strong finishers”, they will move but at a slower speed in the beginning but will excel down the stretch at an unbelievable speeded.  When both of these talents are operating at its maximum, it’s tough to beat in a race and this should be how we look at life. 

In closing, in running any race you have to be resilient and prepared to last to the end if you want to become a winner. You also have to be willing to surround yourselves with people who you can count on in a race where it requires more than yourselves. In doing so, you can save yourselves not just money but you can also save yourselves a lot of valuable time which is essential as you age in life. I’m suggesting that you study these traits about people you trust and don’t commit yourselves until you fully understand your relationship with them. It took me some time to grasp this point, but it has served me well in doing so.  I hope that you use this process in determining how to proceed in selecting the right people who you can count on in running the race that you have to run in life. Good luck and I’ll see you at the finish line as I hope that your team helps you to get there.