At some point, you will learn when you choose to do one thing over another it is just a process of learning how to balance the important things in our lives. Although many of these decisions have monetary consequences, not all of them fall into this category. Sometimes when we elect to do something it’s more important to do it right then than to do it later. This is important because getting something  done on a timely basis often has more value than having it done later on.

Making these balancing decisions are a very difficult process that many of us have problems with. Deciding what goes first, what goes second and so on, is a very hard task to get done.  However,if you put in the work to learn how to use this special skill, this will help you to avoid going through a lot of undue hardships, financially and non-financially, throughout your life.

In my opinion, we are not born having this ability, it is acquired only by going through some tough experiences at various stages of our life. Some may be good and some not so good. The people who are able to survive these ups and down experiences, they will benefit the most as it prepares them to handle the unexpected events of life.

In each of us, we try to keep everything in perfect balance for the people who we care about the most. ( spouse,children,parents,our careers, our grandchildren)  This is our personal responsibility that we take seriously and we do the best that we can.  When we do, we are making every effort so that the people we love are not disappointed. It’s a skill that we have to learn and to use wisely for the rest of our life.

Once we master this skill, we are doing our best to balance our time and our resources fairly so that everyone will benefit in one way or another.  Our intentions are to try to obtain as many of these important bouncing balls that we can.. We also need to learn to keep them under control as that takes skill.   In doing so, there are times when we get it right and at other times, we come up short. However, if we can learn to  juggle these balls without dropping them, in my opinion, we will probably have a comfortable life.

How do you do this you may ask? Is there a secret that you can use in getting this done?

In my opinion,  it is all about choices that we make and when we chose to make them.

For example, when you are in your twenties, being out with your friends and getting started on your career goals, this bouncing ball on interacting with others is the most important bouncing ball that you must not drop. In this case, how you interact with your peers and your co-workers  are what you need to focus on the most. Often theses relationships can determine how quickly you can move up the corporate ladder so we can’t mess around in dropping this ball.

When you are in your thirties, your career should already be on track and you should be making your mark in moving up in your company. At that point, marriage and having a family normally trumps everything else and this goes to the top of the list.   When this occurs, you get  to experience learning how to balance more than one ball at a time by taking  care of your family and children if applicable, and this stage these balls go to the top of the list.

When you are in your forties, stability is the most important thing that you may need focus on. At that time,  maintaining  what you have already acquired  becomes the primary objective.  You must keep a close eye on keeping these balls in the air as things can get complicated.  You most likely will begin  looking more on a long-term basis towards your retirement days coming up. In this situation, more balancing balls are placed on you and they can’t be dropped as time is now a factor.

When you are in your fifties, there are several important things that go to the top of the list. It is getting  prepared for retirement, the status if your health, the status of your pension, your insurance coverage, the growth of your family,  and whether you have grandchildren you’re not.  Since this is the beginning of the another very important stage of your life, these balls are moved up to the top and can’t be dropped as well. At this point, you are operating at peak capacity and are balancing all your bouncing balls at once.

These are just a few of the examples of what you need to consider when learning how to get the proper balance in your life. These are just a few points that have worked for me and I’m sharing this with you with the hope you understand how important learning how to keep good balance is to your life.

In my last point,  I must bring to your attention that in learning how to balance the different balls in life, one of them will always be more important than the others. And that one ball that is absolutely special is your money ball.  It’s a key ball in all of our lives and you can never forget about it.  It’s imperative that you always have a money ball up in the air along with the others, as that ball holds a lot of weight.  If the money ball should drop, you better pick it up right away as it will be very difficult trying to keep the other balls up in the air without having the money ball.

Your money ball for this purpose of this article means that you have six months to nine months of savings parked away that would allow you to weather the storm in the event something comes up. In having this cushion, you can go through life with some level of comfort that others are not able to do.

In closing, I have learned some time ago and I’m passing this along to you as a reminder, that you need to acquire this skill of balancing the multiple balls in your life as soon as possible. In doing so,  you need to know how many balls that you are capable of balancing  without dropping them. In knowing this capability this will determine whether you are going to be successful or not.  In the event that you may drop a ball along the way don’t panic, pick them up right away and keep going at it. The people who are able to do so they are the ones who will survive this test of life. Since I want you to be one of the good balancing people standing at the end,  that is the purpose in writing this article. I hope that this note serves as an example that learning to balance the things in your life correctly will go a long way in helping you to enjoy your life.