If you are over 40 years old you have probably heard the title of this article mentioned in some form or another in your household. It’s normally being discussed by our parents, a relative, or a very close friend in advising us of some very basic pointers about survival.

It refers to learning how to take responsibility for the three important parts of our lives which is shelter,food, and clothing. These are the key responsibilities that we have to learn to assume once we become an adult. It’s a cycle that every person who grows up to be an adult will have to encounter.

Some people grow up and learn these survival pointers quicker than others and that is good for them. However, there is another group of people who will not step up to do anything about moving forward until they are pushed.

However, in order to live our lives in comfort for ourselves and our family,  we need all three parts of these responsibilities to taken care of with a sense of urgency. There are more elements about becoming an adult, but these are the major ones that can make a world of a difference in your life.

As we get older, having stability and security in your life becomes a vital part of living in comfort. If we fail to do our part in putting this in place, hardship will be coming down the road and no one wants to go through that bad experience.

However, unless you are in the shoes of the person(s) who are responsible for taken care of these responsibilities which I called the necessities of life, you won’t know how difficult this is. It takes a lot of hard work, time and monetary resources to make sure that these three elements are taken care of appropriately. I know this because I watched my parents go through this  process years ago and I didn’t forget how stressing it was for them.

Consequently, when I was in my mid-teens, I wanted to help out to alleviate this pressure off my parents.  I did so by taking a few part-time jobs so that I could use my funds to contribute in some way.  In those days, many of the teens my age did the same because we believed that helping our parents with these responsibilities was “cool” and the ones who didn’t help were lazy bums.

As I have moved forward to today I was caught completely off guard in talking to some young people ( generation X & Y ) on this topic. I asked at what point would they be willing to help out with these  responsibilities for themselves to relieve their parents?  I was shocked and amazed by the response that I received.

Many of them believe that it’s their parents who should have this responsibility for providing  shelter,food and clothing and not themselves. These are responsibilities that should be relegated to adults and teens shouldn’t be part of this process until later on in life.

I’m not sure whether you have received the same feedback from the youngsters that you know, but there are just too many young people who think that keeping a roof over their head, food on the table and putting clothes on their back, it’s not a big deal. They are not only incorrect, but it’s frustrating to hear that they think this way about these key responsibilities.

They stated that it’s the role of their parents to handle these issues as it comes with the territory of being a parent. If you don’t like this role, you shouldn’t have children. This is very simple to them. I hearing this reply the steam coming out of my head was like a bursting volcano.

It’s because of this lackadaisical thinking about handling responsibilities  where I have a hard time digesting their response. I know from experience that it’s hard taking care of these responsibilities no matter what others may tell you.  Thus, we as parents, need to let our young teens know that there is a price we as parents pay, which allows them to not worry about their  shelter, food, and clothing.

However, the truth is this process of taking care of these responsibilities from the time our children are  born until they are much older is very expensive. And as a result, this a big deal especially  when you are the one paying the bills. Unless you are paying a part of these bills you won’t know about the financial hardship that this entails.

When you are “underage”,  this responsibility rightfully belong to your parents. However, as we grow up and become adults we have to take on this role for ourselves. We need to understand that this responsibility has to be passed down to the next generation in order for them to grow into adulthood. If we fail to do so, our children will never know how hard it is and that’s the wrong message.

So hear me, parents, we are in a time where our children are concerned only about their cell phones, their trendy clothing, attending to texting parties, their fancy skating boards, playing the video games and etc.  If we sit on the sidelines and allow this to continued, we are spoiling them to a point where it will hurt them later on.

We need to tell them that the responsibilities of taking care of their shelter, food, and their clothing, is costly and it won’t be free forever. As a result,  you should encourage them to get a part-time job like I did, when I was their age to help out at home.  As I see the number of want ads in the malls and at the other establishments, no one is coming in to fill these jobs.

There are just too many of our children which are still home enjoying themselves on the activities noted above and I believe that it’s time to do something to correct that picture.  If we do it now, hopefully, they will learn that the responsibilities of providing shelter,food, and clothing are important and shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Once they get this point, which is the theme of this article, keeping a roof over their heads,  food on the table and clothing on their back, is a “Big Deal”. I did it when I was their age, and they could do the same today.  You better let them know now and I hope that you do, as these expenses won’t be free too much longer.