At some point in each of our lives,  you will learn a very important lesson which I’m not ashamed to admit to and that is it’s not all about ourselves but it’s about learning how to help others. And when you do so,  you help yourself because doing a “Good Deed”  never goes unrewarded.

This is a very old message that is told to many of us early in life.  In my case, my grandmother told me, followed up by my mother, my several aunts and by my preacher.

I’m sure that many of your parents told you the same, as these wonderful people wanted our lives to be filled with some form of enrichment as well. However, in order for you to be successful, you have to do something out of the norm to help others improve their lives.

And, although this message is good advice, many of us have found it to be difficult to put into action, as we are in need of help for ourselves. However, even though you don’t have much to add if you do what you can somehow things have a way of working out for you and the person you’re helping.

And that is the point of this article, we have to learn to help others, and when we do, we will be helping ourselves. This is what I have been taught to believe from my mother because she stated that showing kindness to others is a powerful source of energy. And if you are successful in making this commitment, you surely will have an enriched life and that should be our goal.

Speaking from my personal experience and coming from a large family with 12 siblings, helping others was not a priority for my brothers and sisters. Everyone in my household, besides my mother, was trying to do only for themselves because we had very limited resources ourselves. However, my mother and a few other mothers in our neighborhood, they would continue to do good deeds in the community to help those other families in need. My mother was a great role model in showing kindness to the less fortunate and at that time I didn’t see the big picture.

For example, she would volunteer to do babysitting for the neighbor’s children when they didn’t have funds to go to a daycare. She would also watch the kids when the parents had to take their other children to the doctor, and etc.

When I asked my mother why she was such a giving person to strangers, she said that it was a blessing to be in a position to help those families in need. And if she continued to do so, that she would be blessed somewhere down the line.  However, it didn’t seem fair to me, but I was too young to understand the dynamics of how important it is to help others in need. In my mind, we were in need of so much ourselves, how could we possibly help others?

Additionally, when I was younger, I thought these folks were just taking an advantage of my mother’s kind heart and I didn’t like it. However, being a sweetheart, my mother explained that not everyone has it made in life, and if you could help those who don’t have much, good things would occur for you.

I had heard what my mother was telling me about sharing and giving assistance to those who had less than us, but it didn’t catch on until I got a little older. When you are older and wiser, you get to understand the impact that kindness can have on people who are less fortunate than yourselves.

Although my mother has been gone for years now, I could still hear her words telling me that if you want to have an enriched life, you have to be willing to do a good deed to benefit others. In doing so, the person you are helping will be appreciative, the people around them will thank you and most of all, you will feel proud of yourselves.

Over the years, I have tried to do my share of good deeds and I’m still not finished yet. However, I have discovered that my mother’s statement about kindness was correct and that helping others does provide a wonderful uplifting source of fulfillment to one’s personal life.  There is a special feeling that you get when you see that others are being benefited from something that you have done.

No matter who you are or what background you came from, in my opinion, people need to fill their lives with some sort of enrichment process. I now also believe that this is a very important part of our lives because it gives character to our existence. It also gives that feeling that we are accomplishing something of value with your life. And as you continued to perform these good deeds, no matter how big or small they may be, somehow, the other aspects of your life seems to fall into place. The people who I know who have chosen to follow this blueprint in how they live their lives, they seem to be much happier, than those who don’t.

Additionally, we don’t always think about this, but you would be surprised by how many people are doing so many great things for you behind the scenes. They are doing all sorts of important things that you and I don’t have to worry about. There are the PTA parents, the after-school coaches, the school career counselors, the volunteer babysitters, and a host of others.  The list of people performing these good deeds in our communities can go on and on, but you get the point.

There are also another group of people who are doing good deeds for our communities. It’s the Red Cross organization, the Salvation Army, the Veteran’s Organization, the Peace Corps and there are so many more groups, which are performing acts of charity for our benefit.

Each of these outstanding people, they don’t have to give their time and resources to help others, but they elect to do so anyway. I feel that this giving mindset is an outstanding characteristic to have and we need more of it if we want our society to be better in the future.  As I look back on my life, I and many children just like myself who

As I look back on my life, I and many children just like myself who was raised in a low-income environment did benefit greatly as a result of other from people’s generosity. I recall all those kind people who pushed me to excel and not to settle for less, my third-grade teacher Mrs. Slivers, my little league basketball coach Mr. Williams, and there were so much more. I can ever thank each of them enough for their support as it made a difference in my life.

Consequently, as a person who has tried to do some good myself, I know that I need to pass this message along. I owe this to all those terrific people who helped me and now I’m trying to do my part.  I also know from personal experience, that once you start giving, it becomes contagious and you want to do even more. And as you do more, you will found out the pleasure you get from helping others is great.

I’m still trying to help others by taking the time to write these articles, which is based on my experiences of having grown up in a large family and in a low-income community. Thanks to a lot of wonderful people I have done well in my career. I started in the mailroom of a fortune 500 company and thanks to my co-workers, some good breaks from others and my strong worth ethic, I got an opportunity to have worked in the financial services industry. I was able to work on Wall Street, for over thirty years. I was one of the lucky and blessed ones, to have such an outstanding journey. And based upon that experience of learning about the fundamentals of money, I hope, that I’m making a noticeable impact in somebody’s life by sharing this information.

I have discovered that in publishing these articles on the wisdom based on what I have gone through in life has brought so much satisfaction to my personal life, The idea of warning others to avoid making some of the dumb mistakes that I have made, helps them to avoid doing the same, has been self-rewarding to me. And I wouldn’t know about the acts of kindness unless I was willing to follow what my mother told me way back then, and that is when you decide to help others, you are really yourself.

In closing, if you elect to do a good deed, things will somehow work out well for you. And if you don’t believe me, go out and do something good for somebody who needs it and you will see that it works.

If you have any comments, feel free to send them to me.