We are living in a time were shared responsibility has become a larger part of our lives whether we want to admit it or not.  In doing so, everyone will have to do more than they did in the past if we are to survive. The days of one person or a few people carrying the load is over as it’s unfair.

Quiet as it is kept, some like to do for others and they enjoy doing so. I believe they will continue to do so when they can but there will be less of them doing this good gesture deed.

However, there is also a large group of us who no longer have the same resources to provide the help like we have done in the past. As a result, if everyone chips in and do their part in handling their responsibilities going forward we will be okay and that’s the formula that we must all adopt.

This applies to our money stumbling blocks, which have put so many of us behind so badly that hope for tomorrow has evaded us. It also applies to our non-monetary problems, where the emotional challenges of dealing with everyday problems have brought on more anxiety than we are able to handle. Trying to make it from one day to the next has become more difficult than it has ever been.

But, contrary to these tough times, I have good news for you. We can overcome these obstacles all we need to do is to use a different strategy. All we have to do is to join together and work as one unit, as this has worked before and it can happen again.

The economy is on the verge of bouncing back from the financial crisis that we were in a few years back and this something positive to look forward to. However, as good as things are looking up, there are still too many people who have not recovered from that financial mess and if you are in that group, things are still rough.

However, now that the presidential election is over a new direction will take place in the oval office and we all have to move on. Trying to complain that things are unfair is not going to help us now. To be honest, the change in Washington is going to have a major impact on all of us in one way or another so let’s get ready.

As the new changes in the presidential office unfold there are many of us who don’t have a clue on what to expect going forward. There is also a large group of people who are scared because their future is uncertain and that is an uncomfortable position to be in.

However, as a person who has personally been through a similar political bombshell in the 1970’s where the financial status of the country was in jeopardy, let me share my story of what I went through at that time.  Hopefully, you can learn something from my experience in handling that difficult situation which mirrors what is happening today.

In the 70’s,  President Nixon requested the country’s large organizations to freeze the salaries for their employees for a period of two years to allow the country to get back on solid financial footing. This move was initiated in an effort to halt the high inflation which was totally out of control in the country. ( interest rates were at 15% today it is 3.5%) All the goods and services were very high at that time and the President was trying to get things back under control before the nation imploded financially.

I recalled this moment with some clarity as I was due to receive a big bump in my salary for working many nights to help the Wall Street firm, where I worked cleaning up their backlog in stock market trade orders. When my boss told me that they wanted to pay me more but couldn’t because of the mandate that was put in place by President Nixon I was not a happy camper.  Obviously, I didn’t take this response well but since everyone was in the same situation and I couldn’t complain.

Once I got home I called a family meeting consisting of my siblings and my parents to discuss this matter. We collectively agreed that each of us would take one task to resolve to help. In using this approach it would minimize the load and allow us to tackle a different responsibility.  Our thinking was that if each of us did our part we would reach our goal.

One person took the electric bill, the rent bill,( brothers moved in together) my mother took over the babysitting duties, my brother started giving driving lessons after work, my sister helped people preparing their taxes and so on. However, we did not share the food bill, as my siblings can eat a lot so we knew that this wouldn’t be fair.

In using this shared process we were able to cut our expenses substantially. Working together also turned out to be a side benefit that we didn’t expect. In seeing the savings that we were able to make from this sharing process we were able to buy a house. After buying the first house we had the financial leverage to buy another house and another one after that.  We discovered that once we started working together and each person did their “share” there was nothing that we couldn’t do.

After the two-year period was over, my company did give me a bump in salary. They also promoted me as I used that sharing process of working together at home, I also used it at my job. In doing so we were able to complete departmental goals ahead of the company’s projections. After exceeding the company’s goal I received another bump in salary and that was also terrific.

The lesson that I learned from that 1070’s crisis was that you can get through these difficult times but it’s tough doing it without getting help.  In electing to break down the responsibilities into parts and allow each member of your  “group” to do their share of the responsibility, we were able to be successful. However, when you break down the responsibilities make sure that you give the person the parts that they are capable of performing, as it makes it easier.

The process that I liked the best was that once that we learned that we could work together smoothly that is when we were able to move forward. In succeeding on that project it also worked on other initiatives that we worked on which helped us all. If that worked for me I’m sure that it could also work for you and your “team” as well. At the end of the day, there’s tremendous power when you do something sharing the load, and if you do the same you also will be okay.