No one wants to experience this part of life where you get the news that you have lost a loved one through death. It hurts like hell and I know this very well as I have recently lost my young brother. The grief that you go through is hard to explain as it affects everyone differently.

Some do go through deep depression and it’s very difficult to be with them. Others disappear from interacting with the people close to them while others can’t stop from crying. It’s a position that you don’t want to be in as it’s very painful mentally.

As a result, I can’t tell you how to best deal with your grief but to suggest that over time things will start to get be better. At first, you may feel like blaming others for your loss but the reality is that only God handles matters like this, and you can’t change it.

It is probably not what many of you want to hear about as we all are afraid of death. If you have ever lost a loved one recently or years ago, the hardship still lingers. I believe this is why this topic is hardly ever brought up in normal conversations, as there is nothing you can say to soothe the pain.

However, what you can do is extend your love and affection to the people who mean a lot to you while they can hear it and appreciate your kind gestures. Receiving a hug, or a phone call on birthdays, or a visit to them while they can actually feel and hear your fondness for them can’t be emphasized enough and I hope that you get this point.

The gigantic going home services help the family that is in remorse and we love all those who go out of their way help the family as they go through this grieving process. We also know that we must help to provide relief as much as we can, as we will have to cross this bridge of life ourselves.

I surely want to thank all those who did the same for me and my family as we needed that comfort. The many phone calls, text messages, house visits and etc, did help me and my family very much. Don’t let anybody tell you that these actions are not needed, they are wrong. Showing kindness and empathy when people are grieving helps more than you think.

At some point, I hope that this part of life doesn’t come too soon for you and your family.  However, this is an ugly part of life that is unavoidable as it will hit every family during their lifetime.

I hope that each of you uses this article as a reminder that life is precious and we must do our part in making every day count while we can. I recall that old school saying “would you please give me my flowers now while I can still smell them”. Thank goodness I did some things for my brother before it was too late and you should do the same. Finally, losing a loved one, it doesn’t take away the hurt and pain you feel, but it does lessen the grieving which you will need to go on.