Showing appreciation to others is a good deed and you can’t go wrong when it’s done in good taste.

We all know people who have been very helpful to us as being very close friends, close relatives, being kind co-workers and you get the point.  And although they have not ask for any special recognition or thanks, taking time out of our busy schedules to show our appreciation is a good gesture that will go a long way.  In electing to do so, it also shows something about you and that’s the message that you would like to send to people who have been so close to you for such a long time.

As you get older and hopefully wiser, you will realize that much of our success have not come only from us being very good at what we do, but from others helping us in some form or another. It’s through their assistance and support, (financially and non-financially) that has helped many of us to reach our individual goals.

For me personally, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m where I am today because of some extraordinary people who has been in my corner. I was able to take the path of others and benefit from their sacrifices which at the end of the day has allowed my journey to be a lot smoother.

I’m sure that you have a list of individuals who fit into this category as well and I believe that you should show your appreciation to them whenever you can.

Unlike a lot of people who may think it’s all about them, and there are some who honestly believe this notion, but I want to acknowledge that you can’t make it alone no matter how strong you may think that you are. There have been too many high mountains in life that were too difficult for us to climb by ourselves and many of these good people have played a crucial role in helping you to get through those hurdles.  Thus, we rightly should give them their due credit and that’s what I’m trying to do in putting together this article.

Additionally, no matter what the subject matter discussed in these articles, without having God, who gives me the inspiration on the material discussed in these articles, this blog would not exist.

Thus, I’m passing my information on to you with the hope that it will help you in some way. My intent is to provide some information in these articles about my journey that will help you to avoid some hardships that I have been through.   Some of my experiences have been wonderful and there are others which have caused some painful moments. Each of these experiences has taught me a valuable lesson about life and also about building good relationships. If I can share this information which has been so beneficial to me that would help you, all the better.

How do we appropriately thank these special individuals for being there for you?

Well, it’s a lot easier than you think. In my opinion,  it’s best to let them know that they are appreciated by just telling them. If you can do so, you should do it in person and not on the phone, or by text, if applicable. These personal interactions are so much better.  You don’t have to make a big deal, as the other person will feel your sincerity when you are giving them their due praise.

I know from personal experience that when people hear a heartfelt thank you from yourselves as a result of something that you have done for them, these are precious interactions are never forgotten. Plus, once you do so, you will feel so much better that you did, because that’s how it felt to me when I elected to do the same.  Hopefully,  it’s something that you are going to work on doing with your special individuals after reading this article.

Sometimes we hear suggestions that will trigger us to do the right thing, and I hope that this is one of those moments for you. There are so many of us who have wanted to give thanks or gifts to these special individuals in some way, but finding the time to do so, it has always been difficult.

However, to be truthful, that is a lousy excuse to tell yourselves when you are talking about the people who have been so instrumental in helping you. So go ahead and follow your heart and contact these people and let them know how much you have appreciated them. And if you have to pile on the praises really thick, I strongly suggest that you do so, as I’m going to it myself.

Finally, not many of us have done our very best in showing our appreciation to the people who have been wonderful to us.  I know as I have been to relax on this point myself and that is what has inspired me to write this article. I’m working on correcting this taken for granted attitude today which so many of us are guilty of.  I plan to begin telling these loving and kind people how much they mean to me right away. I wouldn’t wait any longer, as people may get the wrong idea that you may not appreciate the things that they do for you, and that is not good,  It’s not a difficult task in doing,  so just do it. There are some wonderful people out there that would love to hear from you. It’s not going to cost you a bundle of dollars to do so as most of these types of good friends and relatives love to be with you and that is a priceless experience. Well, talk time is over it’s time to get moving. I’m going to do my part by starting today, what about you?