Whenever you are fixing something you are trying to repair a situation with the hope  that it will get back to where it was before. This analogy applies to a multitude of things in our life but we will focus this article on fixing our financial issues which may have gotten out of control.

Taking the time to fix your finances is a productive exercise that will help you now and it will also serve  you well for many years down the road. It helps because when you put in the hard work to get back on track in fixing your finances, normally we don’t repeat that mistake again and that is good.

To fix any problems, sometimes there will be some upfront struggles. This often represents a test for us to find out whether we are going to stay committed to fixing our problem or will we give up and try something else. You need to know that anytime that you keep changing your strategy over and over you are re going to have some problems.  You can’t be caught into that trap because if you do you will not move on and that’s not good.

However,  in fixing your finances  you may have to go through some twist and turns before you get to where you want to go.  In choosing to make these changes it won’t be easy, so you shouldn’t panic when  things are not going your way. When we start to experience some hiccups, don’t abandon your plans as you may not have the energy and drive to do it again. Once you have made a decision keep at it regardless of the setbacks, as it will pay off in the end.

Also, be aware that anytime you are working on money issues it will get shaky as our financial resources are limited. When we discover that we may need more funds than we thought to clean up the problem we can’t give up. You need to check on the amount of money that we have before you go any further as your fixing process may consist of making more monetary adjustments than you had planned.  Plus, whenever you are putting money issues back on track, it will take a few steps to correct and you have to show some patience.  If you don’t. you may not resolve your problems as quickly as you want to.

People don’t tell you the truth about fixing something that is broken and that is the longer it takes to identify the problem, the harder it is in finding a resolution. If you have been in financial trouble for awhile expecting overnight results is unrealistic so don’t put that extra pressure on yourselves.  You need to know that fixing your finances will take a lot of work as you are repairing something that went wrong in the first place.

There is another point, in fixing your finances if you use the wrong strategy it  can send you down a road that can set you back for years.  You can fall so far behind like going into foreclosure, going into bankruptcy, being denied credit and having your car repossessed, and falling behind on school tuition fees are some painful examples. These types of financial mistakes can  take you years to get back on solid footing so falling behind is something that you have to try to avoid as much as possible.

I have started going into one direction in fixing my finances and because of some circumstances I did stray off course and it cost me. I entered into a contract to buy a house that was close to me and I canceled and  bought a house further away because it was so much cheaper. The tenants in the house gave me all sorts of problems in paying their rent. I had received such a good price on buying the house that I closed quickly and failed to do my own due diligence. I was told by the realtor that I wouldn’t have any problems with the tenants as they have been there for years. This was a false statement and I paid a big price in believing that these tenants were good. After months of stressful relationships with these tenants, and going through a sizeable amount of legal cost, I had no other choice but to liquidated the property at a loss to get out of that deal.

The point is, you can get off track in handling money problems in many ways if you are not watching your funds correctly.  I thought I had a good deal with buying the house at such a discount but I was grossly mistaken. Sometimes we go down a road that looks good on paper but when we critique it closer, it’s not. I was guilty of making this dumb mistake in my case and I don’t want you to do the same.

In another case, how many times have you purposely put away money for one thing and had to use it for something other than what it was intended ?  Well, I must admit that I did something myself which I thought was good but it proved to be unwise. I had saved money to put down on buying a new car and on the way to the car dealership I stopped to check out a car auction. In the car auction, I bought a used car for the amount of my deposit. I thought that I did very well as I had bought a vehicle at a big discount. However, the used car that I bought looked great and worked fine for three months. After that period, it broke down and had to be thrown out.  These are the types of things that will happen to you when you choose to get off course. I had to save money all over again to buy that new car as that was a dumb decision on my part.

There are some more cases but I won’t bore you any further in the details. However,  what is important is that in working to improve your finances you can’t afford to waste money on anything that won’t make things better for you on a long-term basis.   When we are electing to spend money, it’s a good idea to go over every detail carefully before you close the deal, as some transactions look good but they are not.

The examples noted above show that I was looking for a cheaper solution to my financial situation and it backfired on me. I hope that in fixing your finances you will stay on track in getting to your goal and not get off course like I did.  Because if you do, you may end up taking the wrong turn in life that will cost more time and money and you don’t want that.

In closing, whenever you are working on fixing your finances it’s a journey that you have to be totally committed to from start to finish. The people who have historically had the best results in fixing their money problems have not strayed off course and you shouldn’t either. I must remind you that you will get tempted to get off track, as we all will do at some point. However, after reading about my dumb mistakes I hope that you stay focus on your plan and don’t let others deter you from doing so.  If you follow this suggestion I believe that you will get to your goal.  The primary point is after you have fixed your problem can you stay on track going forward?  I have a good feeling that you will be okay going forward providing you don’t get lazy and commit the same mistakes again. Good luck !!!