The election has just ended and the results show that more people than ever have come out to vote which is good news. I tried to do my part by encouraging everyone I know that they should vote. I’m sure that many of you have done the same because these voting numbers were startling.

I also took the liberty to advise everyone in my family that didn’t do so before to get out and vote because I felt it was that important to do so and that they should continue to do so in the future.

I’m extremely happy to report that so many people have chosen to do so. Your vote has helped to change the political power in many of our communities.  In doing so, hopefully, our medical insurance, our pensions, and many of our retirement benefits won’t be cut as advertised.

In our government system, talk is cheap and what counts the most is your voice by voting.  People who think otherwise are only fooling themselves. I have learned over the years that the ballot has more power than you think. Our political leaders only listen to those who vote and nothing else.

There are lots of people who complain like crazy but when it is time to do something like to vote they stay away and that doesn’t make sense to me. So for those of you who may fall into this category, I believe you need to change your strategy because historically that has never worked.

I recall my parents telling me how important it is to vote. It was critical that I vote whenever possible as we didn’t always have that legal right to do so like the ” OTHERS “.

As most people know by now, Black People, we didn’t obtain this right until some seventy years ago. I also needed to pass along this important message to my children to vote when they grow up.  This privilege was obtained because so many of our forefathers died in order to get this opportunity.

As you get older, this staying active blog is about staying on top of things that affect our everyday lives. In my mind, going out to vote is one of those duties that have to be done. Although being political is not my strong suit, I also realized that staying on the sidelines for something that is very important to me is not correct. At some point, you have to take a stand on some critical issues concerning your lifestyle and it’s just as simple as that.

So for all of you has taken time out of your schedule to go to the polls and vote, thank you again. In doing so, our communities will eventually be better going forward. This is because when a group of hardworking unite together the end results will always be positive.

In closing, I didn’t comment on who you voted for in this election, as that is your private privilege. I believe that it should always be that way.   Voting your conscience is what you should always do and that is the point of this article. If you continue to step up to the plate and do so, we will all be better off.

I hope on the next election we will keep moving in this same direction by choosing to vote in large numbers because that is how things will be changed in this country.