Money, money and more money is all that most people talk about today. There are people who just don’t like hearing any conversation about money because it tells something about themselves.  They have most likely had a bad experience at some point in dealing with money and to hear about a money transaction reminds them of that situation.

However, there are other people who don’t mind hearing and learning about the concepts of money because they get to learn something that they didn’t know before. This group of people embraces any opportunity that they get to learn about money as they feel it will enlighten their knowledge.

I would like to know whether you are one of these individuals who are tired of hearing so much about money as well?  If so, I must tell you upfront that I’m on the other side of this issue and let me explain my reasoning why I feel this way.

As a person who has not had access to a lot of money for a part of my life, I assure you that to be on that side of the track of not having any money, it’s harder than you think.  You don’t want to be in that situation because not only is it painful, but hope for tomorrow is bleak for you. People also don’t want to be around you when they know that you’re broke and that makes matters worst.

I’m tired of people saying that learning the concepts of handling money is boring and not that important because they are wrong. The people who have this mindset don’t understand that money and money-related products ( financial securities, real estate and etc.) drive our everyday existence. As a matter of fact, you can’t do anything substantially in life without having some form of money.

In learning about money and acquiring the skills to make money, which is the goal for all of us, this is valuable information that can help you more than it can hurt you. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that money is a commodity that is essential in our economy as our goods and services come at a price.

In having financial resources it can determine what we can do and more importantly, what we can’t. In having money you are able to live a life of comfort, and in some cases in luxury, and when you don’t have any funds, you are denied access to the better things in life.

There is nothing that feels as bad as when you are completely broke. I know a lot about that terrible feeling as I have had it more times than I want to admit. My hope is that others will take this point seriously and not be caught in this predicament as it’s very difficult to overcome.

Since this commodity is so important why don’t more of us work on developing good money habits so that we can avoid having so many money difficulties?  Don’t you know that if we keep making bad money decisions one after another, we can’t move forward and that is not good?  There are some people who have had money problems all their lives and it’s still happening today.

Unfortunately, these same individuals are such poor examples to their families and to their children that when they grow up many of them have the same money problems as their parents.  This is what causes many of our next generation of children to be broke too, they had a bad role model.  If you fall into this category, you have to break out of this negative cycle as things won’t get better until you do.

In order to avoid this situation and to make it big financially, this means you have to work hard at putting yourselves in a good position to make money. We all know that going to school to educate yourselves so that you can demand a good salary is one way. For those who don’t like school, you can learn a trade at a vocational institute and make a good living by using your technical expertise. The secret is you have to make yourselves “marketable” so that you can get paid not just a regular salary, but a large salary.

I’m writing this article because I got a complaint from some of my blog readers that I’m focusing too much on money related topics. I should target more on “social justice” issues which can help people as they are hurting on these points also. Plus, most people don’t want to hear about money so much as it reminds them of how little they have of it and it also depresses them.

However, my reply concerning the “social issues” are that is not a subject that I have studied in school or have any expertise on. Additionally, taking care of my “social issues” are not going to handle my financial needs, only money can do that.  If anyone tells you differently, walk away from them as they are not dealing with reality and you will be wasting your time.

To make it simple, we need money to secure shelter, to eat, to buy clothing, to buy medicine and you know the rest. These resources don’t come from having “social issues” being resolved, they come from working and earning enough of money to improve our daily lives.

The people who are doing the complaining, they are not the individuals who are handling the money obligations in their life. As a result, they don’t see the real value of not having money like they should. If you turn the tides and put the pressure on them, I wonder how well they would respond?

If you did so, I believe their comments would be quite different. I say this because that is what I learned when the responsibilities of taking care of the money obligations were placed on me.  If you don’t learn this important lesson early in life, you will have a difficult time later on. I hope after reading this article someone will get this critical point on how important money is and how it can affect every phase of our lives.

My question is how important is it to learn about money now?  I believe that you have my answer, what about you?