We all know that money is an important commodity and is essential in order to live a comfortable life. However, having a strong relationship with your family is just as important in my opinion.  If you’ve had a strong relationship with your family in the past, you would know how empty you would feel when it’s missing.

The disputes over money have always come up in some form or another between families. It has happened in my family, and I’m almost certain that it has been an issue in your family as well. However, when you are in a tight family, you will find a way to work it out.  At the end of all the fussing and complaining, you all know that you have to stick together and you all have to do your part.

When the relationship between you and your is strained, life can be less fulfilling and very lonely. For an example, you will miss precious moments like celebrating birthdays, attending weddings, and getting visited in the hospital when you are ill.

You may or may not agree with me, but I sincerely believe that we need to have a strong bond with our family in order to live  a happy and harmonious life.  In using that old saying, “I can do it without their help”, that may work for a while, but at the end of the day, it won’t work all the time.  In a time when we all are learning to adjust our lifestyles to do more with less, having a strong bond with your family can help you in so many ways. If you are in a difficult situation and don’t know where to turn, your family will help you get over that bump in the road when others won’t. If you don’t believe me, take a closer look around you to see who is “truly” in your corner.

Thus, I’m writing about this issue because I ran into a person that I’ve known for years who was having some family issues. He had admitted that he has not spoken to his relatives for over 15 years. When I asked where did his relatives live (with the thought that they had to live in another state, country, or someplace very far to travel), surprisingly, I was told that his family lives around the corner, about several blocks away.

My friend had a rift with his sibling over a money dispute and this conflict destroyed their relationship. As a result of their conflict, they became so bitter that they wouldn’t even try to reconcile this discrepancy. In doing so, they also didn’t get the opportunity to meet each other’s children. I felt bad for him because he was in a terrible position.

I was once told by my parents, that friends may come and friends may go, but your family will be there when no one else will. I know that this is an “old school” saying, but I believe it’s still true today. I also believe that when you allow unhealthy family relationships to foster too long, it hurts a lot more people than you realize.

In a personal story, I had relatives that stopped speaking to each other over a money problem. The actual money amount wasn’t that large, which made this point even more ridiculous. One relative didn’t pay back the amount owed as he fell upon bad times and the other relative cut off all ties with him because of this debt.

As a consequence, they refused to speak to each other and they kept that pledge intact for years. Finally, one of them passed away and it was very sad. When their children showed up at the funeral, we didn’t know that my relative had any children. This was a very uncomfortable position for his children and us to be in.  I can’t help but believe that this could have been avoided if the two siblings had resolved their differences sooner.

In the end, his children didn’t know us and we didn’t know them. As they left the funeral proceedings to return back home, which was out of state, I recall having a bitter taste in my mouth because I didn’t know them better. Even though I tried to start a dialogue with them, since they had no connection to us growing up, my attempt proved to be much too late. In that situation, the opportunity for a strong family bond was lost because of a silly dispute over money.

In closing, I’m writing about this topic to help others, as the details of this issue hit me hard. I truly believe that if my relatives knew that this dispute would have caused such a negative effect on their children and on us, I’m sure that the conflict would have been resolved earlier. However, for those of you who still have time to resolve disputes within your family, I urge you to kindly work them out while you can. Don’t let money, which is often 80% of the case, or anything else, break up your family.  At the end, it’s never worth it.

I would love to hear your comments on the topic.  Please leave them below.