If you are one of those people who is only interested in going after the “big bucks” you may want to read this note. You need to know that there is nothing wrong in going after the big bucks as we all would like to do so. But, you need to know that it has a price that a lot of people don’t consider and they should.

Every day, somebody out there is going crazy chasing after the “big bucks”. I know this simply because I know a few people who fall into this category. And you shouldn’t laugh, as I’m sure that you know some of these folks, as well.

For example, they come to Wall Street and try to make it big by investing in penny stocks. Investing in penny stocks is the name of the process where stocks that have a market price below $ 2.00 per share trades.  The strategy is that you can buy thousands of shares of an upcoming company at a low price and if it takes off you will have made a huge profit.

There are others who would prefer taking a chance at trading in commodities like gold, silver, copper, platinum and a few other minerals.  There are people who have made enormous profits in trading in these financial products as well. Trading in these products is chasing after the big bucks as it’s a long shot that you will succeed.

However, in order to be successful in trading in these investment products, you would need to have some special skills. In acquiring this expertise, this isn’t easy because if it did, everyone would do it. You would need special training or spend time in the “pit” which is what we call on the job training. In being successful in these businesses, there is a learning curve that has to be mastered which takes years. In other words, there are no shortcuts in making the big bucks.

In choosing to work and invest slowly, this represents a long-term strategy. Not too many people like this approach of building up wealth as it takes too much time. They prefer to speed up the process of getting wealthy by going after the big bucks scenarios. To be blunt, these folks doesn’t have the discipline to wait for their money to grow, they want their big bucks now.

However, this kind of thinking will often get many of you in deep trouble. Many of you have already gotten yourselves in dire situations by going after the big buck transactions which have not worked. I’m sure many of you know exactly what those painful transactions were in your life.

In chasing after the big bucks it requires you to be willing to endure going through some tough challenges that must people don’t want to do. The journey of obtaining the big bucks is always associated with taking a big gamble in some form. In those situations,  the risk versus reward pendulum swings in both directions and you don’t know what direction it will swing for you.

In taking a high risk, sometimes you make it big but more often you come up short. We like to hear about profitable stories that people have received in going after the big bucks. However, they don’t realize that whenever there is high risk involved, there is a stronger possibility of failure may be the end result. No one like to hear about that part, but it does happen more often the fantastic gains.

However, people are tempted so much of winning the big bucks that it keeps them coming back regardless of the losses. I once tried to advise a crippled person that was losing their money at the casino that this was not a good idea for them and they cursed me out. I shut my mouth and walked away. However, I saw them later crying outside of the casino begging for money and I felt sorry for them.

I’m writing this article because there are just too many people who are chasing after the big bucks without looking at the consequences.  There are overwhelming facts that the people who participate in these get rich quickly transactions are the people who have the most to lose and that’s sad. This is one of the main reasons why the people having lower incomes remain poor as they gamble on these long shot situations more than others.

Yes, there are some remarkable stories where people have made large sums of money but this represents just a few in comparison to how many people who have lost money.

As noted above, in trading in penny stocks, and in commodities, and going to the casino, the odds are stacked against the average person. As a result, you could lose million of dollars on these high-risk transactions. These establishments love the fact that you keep coming back and will keep advertising how successful you can become in chasing after the big bucks. Don’t fall for this temptation or any other high-risk transaction that is presented to you, as it will cost you.

So if someone comes to you and tells you that they have a way for you to make the big bucks with little to no risk,  tell them no thanks and walk away. This is so because in going after the big bucks there is always a high price to pay somewhere.  In doing so, this has caused many families to break up and that is a sad outcome that I trying you to avoid.

Since I don’t want that for my loyal readers I’m writing this article as an alert for you to be careful in going after the big bucks situations. It won’t be as easy as they tell you because high-risk transactions rarely are. Personally, I have been there myself before in chasing the big bucks and it’s a painful experience when things don’t come through. In reading this note hopefully, you won’t follow in my footsteps and do the same as taking this path hurts more than you think.