Every day, when we wake up there’s somebody somewhere complaining about what they don’t have. The people who fall into this category are often not grateful of something in their lives. They are so unhappy that they complain to anyone who would listen. These individuals see the glass half empty in their lives while others see it and half full.

Whatever these complainers already have it’s not nearly enough to satisfy their appetite. If they have one pair of shoes they want two, if they have two cars they want three and you get the point. As a result, you will hear them cry out saying that life isn’t fair to them.

If you are one of these individuals, you need to rethink your thoughts on this issue because there’s  another side that you must take into consideration.  When you look at the other side, which is there are plenty of people who have so much less,  you will realize that your complaining is often nothing but a lot of “hot air” that needs to be brought down to earth.

There are far too many people who focus primarily on what they don’t have versus what they do. They don’t look close enough to see others before making their complaint about life. Most of them make this mistake because they are unrealistically comparing themselves to others who they believe are in the same bracket as they are, and they are not.

It’s because of this ungrateful way of thinking is why this article must be written to set the record straight. There’s nothing wrong about complaining as we all do, but when it’s done while others are starving to get what you have, this is inappropriate.  People need to be more appreciative of their own circumstances as there are thousands of people who  are having a much tougher time and they are making it without stirring up all this fuss.

There are people like myself, who are grateful for what they have, grateful for where they have come from, grateful of what they have accumulated thus far, grateful of the relationships that they have established and grateful of other small things in their lives that give them comfort.  We are the ones  who see the big picture view of gratitude and thankfulness over those who complain.

Most people don’t realize how well their situation is because if they did, this constant complaining would come to an abrupt  stop. They don’t get the point,  that in this tough economic climate many of them  are doing better than a large group of struggling people, but they don’t see it.

I say this because I have been very fortunate and blessed to have a great opportunity to do some extensive traveling in my retirement days. And in doing so, I was able to see people who are doing well and also see people who are not. Believe me, there is a large gap in financial comfort between the two and you don’t want to be on the bottom.

Once you are in that environment and see how many people who are doing poorly, you will see life differently.  I have seen people living in poverty in places like Philadelphia, Penn, in Richmond Virginia, in Cincinnati Ohio, in New haven, Connecticut, in Baltimore, Maryland, in Brownsville, Brooklyn New York, and a few other cities, I have concluded that there are more people in our communities that are doing poorly than we think.

To illustrate more on this point, depending on the region where you live in the country your income and lifestyle will vary and you need to keep that in mind. This is because the people living in the southern states and the people living in the northern states, shouldn’t be compared to each other as that is unfair. The economics of the two regions are not the same. The people in the northern states normally have higher salaries but also higher expenses. The people in the southern states traditionally have lower salaries but their  work-life conditions often have a softer touch. At the end of the day, they both are winners in their respective regions and that is what counts the most.

To bring up another example, in my traveling through Europe, England, France, Spain, Hungry, Turkey, Greece, as well throughout all the Caribbean countries, I have experienced seeing super wealthy and super poverty. It’s not a pretty site and it makes you want to thank God that you are not living in those deplorable conditions. The political parties in these countries have a tight control over everything so the people there have to learn to live with very little resources.  In seeing their daily lifestyle, I’m very appreciative that I don’t live in those places because I’m sure that my life would be much different from it is today.

Finally, you need to remember this very important point about gratefulness and now I’m passing this along to you. And those words of wisdom are: ” the person living in a mansion won’t appreciate their mansion until they have to live in a house. And the person living in a house won’t appreciate their house until they have to live in an apartment.  And the person living in the apartment won’t appreciate living in their apartment until they have to live in a room. And the person living in the room won’t appreciate their room until they have to live on the STREETS.  I don’t believe that I have to go any further you should get the point.

In closing, we all need to be more grateful for what we have as things can be much worst and you don’t want to be on that end. We also need to more appreciative as there are others who don’t have it as good and they would cherish the opportunity to be in your shoes. The things that you are ungrateful about maybe the same things that others will love to have. I have seen people who are doing well complain that everything in their life is horrible. They are ungrateful for what they have and don’t see the other side of not having many things like I have.  Once these things that they are complaining about are taken away, it will hit them like a brick. At that time it will be too late to do anything about it and that’s ashamed.  I hope that this article reminds you of that important point to be grateful for what you have because I get it,  do you?