How good are you at juggling, or getting a multitude of things done on time and more importantly within budget? It’s an easy question to ask but providing a credible answer may not be that simple. Most people you have some level of difficulty answering this question because being good at juggling isn’t easy by a longshot. For those who have been juggling for some time, you know the “real deal”.

For the short list of people who have the ability to perform a lot of  tasks simultaneously, this  means that you have a special skill that many people don’t have.  If you don’t believe me, try juggling four to five balls at one time and see how difficult this is. This is just a small example of how juggling works.

Now if you expand that logic to include all the different things ( financial and non-financial) that we have to do each day, being a good juggler is a rough job. If you should ask most single parents,  who I believe have the hardest time adjusting to juggling, they would tell you the same, juggling is a hardship not talked about nearly enough.

However, it’s imperative that you learn how to become a good juggler sooner than later. This is because as we get older our juggling experience will be needed more than ever. This is because your responsibilities of life are greater as you age as family and children become another factor that you have to watch out for.

As difficult as this process is, there are some who have this capacity to do so. The first person that comes to my mind is my loving mother, who raised a large family basically by herself. She had the enormous responsibility of juggling the limited resources that we had at that time to make sure everyone got what they needed. I don’t know how she accomplished that task with that many mouths to feed, ( 13) but a good mother always finds a way and she did.

I recall my mother handling the juggling responsibility of getting the kids off to school, making sure each of us had our lunch, making sure our clothing was cleaned and ironed, making sure our homework was done and the list of multiple tasks goes on and on. To all those parents who had to go,through this complicated process in their house you know about this experience all too well.

In watching my mother go through this juggling process day after day, this was my first contact of understanding how difficult the job is in becoming a juggler. On many days I saw my mother have a rough time keeping up with all these chores and I couldn’t wait to grow up and help.

I also observed my friend’s parents who were also single parents due to being divorced/separated, and their juggling skills were not the best and that was not a pretty site.  In watching them handle their juggling responsibilities poorly I learned to appreciate my mother’s juggling efforts even more. Sometimes you can forget how tough it is to be in the shoes of  a good juggler when you are not the person doing the work. If we did, I’m sure many of us would thank our loving parents more than we do.

As I got older, I said to myself that I was going to acquire the skill to become a good juggler so that I wouldn’t have to struggle like many of the people who I have seen over the years.

After having a long career of doing many things, I like to think that I would be a good juggler by now but I’m  not. I have improved over the years but I’m still working on getting better. This process of becoming a good juggler takes time and if someone tells you differently, don’t believe them. I say this because my juggling experience of going to college at night, raising a family of two kids,  watching over rental property, working on a full-time job, and working part-time on the weekends,   if doing these taxing things didn’t break me, nothing would.

However, this article is not about me and my efforts of learning how to become a good juggler.  I’m referencing my background to bring out a point that juggling can start at any age. You don’t have to wait until you are older to take on responsibilities to help out.  I wanted to become a good juggler to help out at home and to alleviate some of the pressure off my mother. Your reasons may be different but in order to be a good juggler, you have to want to do be one and put in the work.

I have also learned to respect a good juggler because they are no-nonsense people who just get stuff done. They have a track record of getting things done on a regular basis and that is also very important. What is also a good quality about a good juggler, they do their jobs without bragging or you hearing them talk about their achievements,  their work performance speaks for them.

However, it isn’t as easy as it looks from the outside. People who are not facing your issues don’t know of all the sacrifices that go on behind closed doors. If they did, their appreciation level for those who do for them would be higher.

To become a good juggler, you have to endure going through some failures and some rough times. You can’t let financial and non-financial issues pull you down because it will. If you are willing to put in the time to learn from these experiences  you stand a better chance of succeeding over those who don’t.

How do you do this, you may ask? Is there a secret to becoming a good juggler ourselves?

It’s no secret it’s all about taking your experiences and applying that knowledge to the different situations that we are faced with. If you can do this well it will help to resolve whatever your conflict is, as that is what worked for me.

In closing, if you’re not a good juggler, it’s time that you start learning how to as this skill will come in handy for each of us. In becoming a good juggler you have to adjust to doing things that you haven’t done before. And this experience of handling a lot of things at once will help you throughout life. Plus, as you get older your juggling responsibilities  should slow down as your children are supposed to take on their own juggling responsibilities. But it’s your responsibility as a parent to teach them this important part of life so that when they do face a difficult situation, they won’t throw in the towel like so many others will.  Hopefully, after reading this article you will work on becoming a good juggler yourselves as this skill will help  you and your family and that is the point of this article.