This year 2018, has started out as a blast, and I found myself counting my blessings and you should do the same.  I made it to another year and is because of God’s mercy in covering me and my family. He has also protected many of my relatives and close friends, which we often don’t take in consideration.

My health is not doing bad, I’m probably doing better than others in my age group( 68).  My financial resources are not enough to brag about but I’m in a stronger position than several of my peers. My children are doing well and are on a path of obtaining some success. More importantly, they are not knocking my door requesting that I use my limited resources to bail them out.

I still have a wonderful relationship with my grandchildren, which is outstanding. Although I’m guilty of spoiling them like crazy, when they say, papa, “we love you”, those magic words get me all the time.

These are the small things that can make an old-school person like myself feel very good about life and when you get older you will understand. When my parents talked about these things to me, I didn’t get it, but I get it now.

I’m the first to acknowledge that I have seen people have a very difficult time in 2017 and I was not one of them. Do I have complaints, yes, but they are nowhere like what others have gone through. I’m also cognizant that there are lots of people who are still struggling and they have no hope for tomorrow and that is not good. I wouldn’t want to be in their place, as their bad choices in life have put them in these difficult positions of hardship.

When I was younger,  I took many of these privileges that I currently have for granted. This is one of the biggest mistakes that so many of us make concerning our daily lives.  We think that everything will continue to be good for us so we don’t prepare properly for what tomorrow will bring.

When you get older, reaching another milestone in your life seems to have more meaning than when you were younger. I’ve learned to have a sense of humility about life and be happy for what I do have. What I have also learned is things can be worse so complaining and not working to improve things are useless.

There is one thing that we must all keep in mind and that is our finances, our health, our spiritual connections and our relationship with our children are paramount details to living a comfortable life. I’m sharing these principles of life to you and I hope that you learn to appreciate what you have.

In my recent trip in visiting several of the Caribbean islands, I have seen plenty of people who have less than you and would want to be in your shoes for what you have. The pleasures of life such as good drinking water, plenty of food, healthy living conditions and you get my point, these things are treasurers of life.

In closing, please don’t take these things that we have worked hard to accumulate in our lives for granted, be more appreciative of what you have, I am. Remember, today is another day to be thankful and share these moments with your loved ones.