There are some people who are trailblazers and you may be one of them. And if you’re one, I hope that this article encourages you to hand in there as “trailblazers” have their ups and downs.

The characteristics of a trailblazer are that they are the first at accomplishing something in their circle. They could be the first to graduate high school, first at graduating from college, the first to have a car, the first to buy a house, the first to have a savings account over $5000, and you get the point, as the list can go on forever.

However, as you reach these milestones in your life, they are wonderful achievements and you should be proud of them. In accomplishing these goals others may not know of all the difficulties that you had to go through to get there. I have discovered that there are people who look at where you are now and believe that things were so easy for you, but that is far from the truth.

If you have ever had any experience with what I’m talking about, say AMEN.

The truth is the outer appearance of your achievements can be deceiving to a lot of people. However, they don’t know the whole story and you can choose to share it or not.

I know this personally because I’m one of the trailblazers in my family.  I was the first to graduate from college, the first to open an investment account, the first to buy a house, the first to buy a new car, and the first to travel abroad on vacation.

What makes these accomplishments more rewarding is that I wasn’t the smartest person in my family. I have some siblings which are extremely smart and have some extraordinary talents.

I recall when growing up that most things were difficult for me starting from my school days. which I didn’t enjoy. However, I learned also not to quit but to stay at it even if I had to do some extra assignments in order to pass.

As an individual that came from a large family,  I was told many times that the chances of me and my siblings having success in our future was slim to none. Thank goodness that I didn’t believe in those negative comments about myself, and you shouldn’t either.

There were several people who wrote me off saying that I couldn’t do it. You will run into people who will say the same about you but don’t let it deter you from your mission.

I was considered a late bloomer in my younger days because when others were graduating and moving forward I took the alternate route. I had to repeat taking some of my college classes. I had to work during the day and attend college at night in order to graduate. In my youth, I was too cocky and didn’t want to listen to those who tried to help me and that was a big mistake.

I’m sharing these details of my achievements not to impress anyone, as that’s not the point. It’s to let the trailblazers which are coming behind me, that they can’t give up when things don’t go their way. You have to believe in yourselves when others doubt you.  In having this positive outlook you won’t buckle under when the pressure comes.

Additionally, a true trailblazer doesn’t give up at every setback, or at every disappointment, because if they did, they would have never been able to be the first in reaching the milestones as noted above. It took toughness and it can be done.

So if you want to do something important to you, go ahead and do it. If others don’t want to come on along, don’t be afraid to go anyway.  This is the stand that every trailblazer that I met in life had to go through. The good part of this process is when you finally reach your goal,  you will look back one day and appreciate your accomplishments.  In speaking as a trailblazer, who did some trailblazing things, this worked for me and you can do the same.