IMG_0517Hi! I’m Alvin (Al) Martin and I was a Senior Vice President of a large fortune 500 firm on Wall Street for many years. Unlike most finance professionals, I have an unusual story. I come from a large family of 13 children (10 boys and 3 girls). I worked hard to move from the inner-city streets of Brooklyn, NY to the high levels of senior management on Wall Street. I went from being in charge of thousands of dollars to managing over billions of dollars for wealthy clients and large financial institutions.

However, after having a stellar career, I was laid off after my company was acquired through a merger.  Even though I had 35+ years of experience and expertise in the financial services industry, I was unable to find a comparable job.

While being home trying to figure out my next step, I elected to start investing a portion of my retirement funds to supplement my income and help sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

I have since been retired over 10+ years and have been able to live a modest lifestyle.  I have travelled extensively around the world and have done things that I always wanted to do, but never had time to. I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have been able to sustain this lifestyle without incurring any financial difficulty.  However, this has all been possible as a result of some timely investment choices.

In my quest to find something else to do, I was encouraged by many of my friends to share my vast knowledge and experience. I spent so many years helping institutions and wealthy customers with their financial needs that it was time to pass this valuable information on to my friends, relatives, and others.

I was reluctant in the beginning to write this blog, but through the constant urging of my close friends, and, more importantly, my wife, I decided to do so with the thought that others may be helped in hearing this information.

The name “Staying Active” came from seeing so many people who were in the same situation that I was in, but decided to give up when they were let go from their jobs.

Despite how hard it is, I believe that we can’t give up when we are faced with difficult situations.  My mother was a major advocate of this belief and instilled it in me.

I sincerely hope that reading these articles will help you as much as it is helps me. It gives me a purpose to stay active myself in looking for insightful material to share with you.