Have you ever had to carry something that gets heavier by the day? This is how it feels when living costs keep climbing every day and you don’t have an answer.

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past several years, you know that things have been financially challenging for a lot of people. It’s at that point where some of us may need help to overcome our financial difficulties. Our efforts trying to do it alone may no longer be a viable option.

The idea of choosing to live jointly to reduce our living costs has the popped up recently and we need to take a closer look at this option. Most of us don’t like the idea that we may have to give up our independence, but sometimes we don’t have a choice when given a good alternative.

If you are one of these individuals, who has been affected by a significant negative change in your life (financial or not financial), or you know someone who is still going through a crisis, you know that things are still shaky at best. We have to accept that the notion of going back to live our normal lifestyle is gone. If we can find a solution to this problem, we must jump on it.

Although there have been some improvements lately, there are still a lot of people who are far from saying they are out of the woods. Plus, the rising living expenses don’t seem to be slowing down, so we are at a point where we need to try something different. We can’t keep dealing with these higher living expenses, as it’s much is too expensive trying to do alone.

For most of us, we are still having a tough time accepting the fact that we can no longer afford to live the way that we did before. It’s humbling to think this way about your life after years of having a lot of things go your way, and now it’s all changed. Since this situation is personal, we don’t complain too much to others about our financial obstacles as this is something that we like to keep private. However, the truth is, we need to find someone who is willing to work with us and vice versa to get things done less expensively.  Many of us have been trying to do it by ourselves, and it’s taking a toll on our health as well.

It’s not a comforting subject to talk about, and to be honest, you are probably ashamed of your current circumstances.  If you had your way, you would just throw up your hands or move away to hide somewhere.  I know about this frustration myself and my approach was to get away by taking a long bus ride into a new neighborhood for hours at a time. I spent this time to myself to reconcile my thoughts of where I wanted to go next and it helped me to see things differently.

Whenever you are in a funk like this, you can’t give up on yourself no matter how bleak it may appear. You have to convince yourself that this is only going to be a setback on a temporary basis because that is what I kept on telling myself when I was going through my predicament.

So what do I do now, you may ask yourself? I know several people who have done the following:

They made a list of people who they could count on that they believed wouldn’t mind assisting them in getting out of their situation. For example, people who would provide temporary housing or let them use their car for a week, became roommates for a short period. They also put these people in order of who they should contact first and work their way down the list. If you were the type of person that did the right thing in assisting others when they were down, and not burning any bridges in your past, I do believe that you will find more people than you think to help you.

Also, in today’s post-recession period, people from all walks of life are being forced to join together, for a variety of reasons. For some people, it’s their declining health of themselves or a relative, others because of the loneliness, others to save housing costs and there are much more to add to this list. However, the primary reasons a lot of people are joining together is to reduce living expenses. For example, children are coming back home from college, people who were separated are back together, divorces have been put on hold, parents are being forced to move in with their children, and people are becoming roommates to share the living cost.

In the end, living with people you know or have just met, is something that is being done not out of choice, but out of necessity. Since this trend is growing so rapidly, I also think that this may be our next generation of lifestyle living.

We may try to fight against this type of “shared living” if you want, but whether we want to believe it or not, it’s an easier way to live your life. I believe this concept initially started in the international countries and have found its way to our borders. However, we know that if this is the only way that you can afford to live comfortably, will all have to adjust.

For all of you who think that you are too good to live with others and want to continue to stay in a place that you can’t afford, you are putting yourself in a difficult position of high stress. I know that you want your separate quarters with these plush features and for it to be like you had before, but that is not the case. We have to look at the big picture in life and realize that things will improve if your expenses are reduced. Once we accept this reality, we can stop daydreaming about our old circumstances and start making plans to move ahead.

In closing, there are thousands of people going through some type of adjustment in their lives every day and I’m sorry to report, you are no different. The world that we knew before is rapidly going through an enormous change and the old is gone. If we can learn to pull our resources together so that we all can benefit, we must do so. I believe the people who are able to make this change sooner than those who still want yesterday will be okay. Since I want you to be one of those people that are going forward, don’t be afraid to consolidate wherever you can, as that is the future for many of us.  Good Luck!!!